Already Abundant: Ace of Pentacles

The energy of the week ahead is centred around abundance. What that means, far beyond wealth in the material sense, is that the energy required for the realisation of your dream is within hand’s reach.

In the Rider Waite Tarot Deck this card depicts a hand reaching out from the clouds, literally offering the golden opportunity. In my new Tarot del Fuego deck (don’t you just LOVE the art? I’m obsessed!) the golden coin is surrounded by cosmic keys with which to open earthly doors.

Pentacles are associated with the element of earth, which can indeed reflect the material realm of money and business endeavours. If this is relevant to your situation, take it as a positive sign. If your energy at this time is more focussed on  generating health, joy and happiness, the oracle says yes to that too.

In fact, this card is basically one big YES! It brings the energy of manifestation, opportunity and windfall. The Ace is here to signify abundance in all areas of life and marks a significant new beginning.

If the mind feels flighty and full of excitement, be sure to take regular breaks. Stay close to Mother Earth, ground yourself with movement and cacao. Balance this exhilarating energy by bringing your attention back to the heart at every turn. Ask for love’s guidance to keep deepening this open channel between Spirit and Earth.

When we are aligned with the Higher Heart, we are already abundant.

Written by our Sacred Scribe
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