Mantras for Taurus Season

The embers of our last solar cycle glow in the fire, emitting a radiant heat, enough to warm our hands on. As the weather cools, bringing crisp morning air to our lungs and dew droplets on the grass where I’ve taken to treading each morning barefoot, we enter Taurus season.

Imagine the charred coal of Aries season as nourishment for the earth. Plant all that was learned during the fire sign’s transit and offer gratitude to all that was, every insight gleaned and taste of love that was offered.

It is time to begin again. 

Nothing is lost when we align ourselves to nature’s rhythm. It is fertile energy, the one settling around us, a soft cardigan you’re ready to wrap around you as you watch the sun fading in a violet and rose tinted sky.

Slow down and savour the things you love this month. Don’t let life hurry you, or give in to a false sense of urgency. Nothing needs your attention as much as you. 

It’s too easy to forget how to nurture ourselves, so we’ve created a list of mantras you can keep close. Write them down, fold them up and tuck them in your pocket.

  1. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be
  2. I feel gratitude for the earth beneath my feet
  3. I know that I am safe and sound 
  4. It is safe for me to relax, move at my own pace and make my own rules
  5. Sovereignty is my strength

The previous cycle gave us a surge of inspiration for new ideas and projects. Now is the time to nurture them, take slow steps forward and ask wisdom to be your guiding force. The steady, grounding energy of this month’s sign brings us appreciation for life’s natural beauty, which is everywhere when we really look.

So look. See. Taste. Feel. Experience it all with your body, mind and spirit. You are already whole, complete and home. So where would you like to go?

Written by Laura
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