Strong Enough to be Gentle: Rumi

This beautiful deck is inspired by the poetry and mysticism of Rumi, who speaks the sacred language of the heart. I chose a pull a card from this oracle today as I felt the world was in need of deep compassion… and Rumi has delivered.

This card, Merciful Mother Jamal, speaks of a reorientation from struggle to sanctuary; from discipline to divine surrender.

“Having to be tough in the past has served its purpose, yet this oracle comes with guidance to become softer in your way and attitude. Can you gently, but firmly, place to one side the judge within… to bow before the great lady who loves, is wise, and who steadies the workings of the world with the softest of touches?”

When we choose feminine grace, we tap into strength far more powerful than the dominating kind. This card tells us that our prayers are heard by the universal heart and to trust in the power of them. Though action is part of our soul purpose, prayer is where we cultivate trust in our vision, intention, compassion and ability to co-create with the Source of love.

Written by our Sacred Scribe
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