In this week’s Sacred Story we’ll be hearing from Lillie, learning how her journey with Mother Cacao began and the gifts she’s uncovered by living intuitively from the heart. We are so excited to share Lillie’s story, and know you’ll be touched by the love she emanates. Lillie is a total inspiration, walking wholeheartedly in alignment with her soul’s truth.

Lillie’s beautiful story takes us on the journey of a true seeker’s discovery. In search of the meaning of unconditional love, Lillie met with Mother Cacao in the heart of the Amazon jungle.
She shares her profound encounter. ‘I was there for healing.’ Lillie tells me. ‘I was grieving the loss of my father.’
From the darkness, emerged the opportunity for Lillie to go in search of answers about the spirit world, a place she hadn’t visited since childhood.
‘As a kid I had imaginary friends and I was quite open to the spirit world.’ Lillie says. ‘Society kind of crushed that. I went the opposite way, studying the sciences, specializing in making prosthetic limbs to help people walk and play again. ‘But Western medicine, it failed me. I quit my job and went to a counselor, who helped me see that it was up to me to save myself.’
When asked what she wanted to do, the only thing left that Lillie could feel any love for was travel.
‘She told me to go, that travelling would help me connect with my instincts and feel closer to my Dad. So I went to find answers, to find myself and to find him, in a way.’

Lillie’s journey took her around Asia, Europe and South America, where she spent three months in the jungle journeying with plant medicine.
‘I took all these plant medicines and never once saw my father.’ Lillie exclaims. ‘I told one of my brothers in the tribe, before I leave I need to understand love. He laughed and said, ‘You need to sit with Mother Cacao.’ I thought he was joking. Chocolate? ‘Not chocolate, Lillie. It’s plant medicine.’
‘So I sat my final ceremony with Mother Cacao. The shaman played the medicine drum and I went into a trance. That’s when I saw him at last.’
The vision opened Lillie’s heart to a feeling of love she had almost forgotten she could feel. It was in that moment Lillie received the healing she had set out to find.
‘The healing happened by having my eyes opened to the beauty in everything. Once you see that, there’s so much to live for. That was my first experience with Mother Cacao. She opened my heart and gave me a whole body experience of love.’
We delve deeper into the experience.
‘Mother Cacao helped me opened my heart. She gave me a vision where I was dancing, which is when I feel the most joy in my body. In the vision I fell down and I heard my father say, ‘Pick yourself back up.’
‘I picked myself up and started dancing again and he told me, ‘That’s unconditional love.’ ‘I understood then, that love has no judgement. Love has no failure. Unconditional is to love no matter what. It means you pick yourself up when you fall down, and thank yourself for doing your best.

‘The true healing happened when I understood what love is. Mother Cacao provided that.’
Lillie’s experience with Mother Cacao influenced the steps she took next along her path. Lillie’s experience with Mother Cacao influenced the steps she took next along her path. ‘I got so excited I bought more cacao and helped the shaman facilitate another ceremony. A member of the tribe came up after and told me, ‘This is your medicine Lillie.’
‘I brought 1kg of ceremonial cacao back to Australia, where it sat in my cupboard for months.’ Lillie remembers. ‘I asked spirit what I was supposed to do and had a dream that I would serve people cacao and help them find their power animal.’

Working completely intuitively Lillie began offering cacao to her friends and journeying with them to the spirit world. Soon she felt ready to share the experience with others, but after only three events the world was stopped in motion by the pandemic.
‘I was supposed to do a cacao ceremony at a festival which Sacred was going to sponsor. When everything went online, I remembered I had Dan’s number and called him to share my vision of doing online cacao ceremonies.
‘I interrogated him asking, ‘Where’s the cacao from, what’s in there, do you have respect for it, what’s your story?’ By the end of the conversation, I knew...’ Lillie pauses, then laughs. ‘I’d found my cacao dealer.’
Lillie’s medicine is sound healing, which she shares every month at the Sacred New Moon Cacao Ceremony. We explore the art of sound healing and how it enhances the heart-opening benefits of cacao.
‘If the mind isn’t quiet, the cacao can’t work.’ Lillie explains. ’The mind resists. Sound healing quiets the mind and activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing us to rest, digest and rejuvenate. This is the system to heal.’
In her work, Lillie uses crystal bowls to elevate the body’s frequency and the medicine drum whose rhythmic beat invites the mind into a relaxed, trance-like state.
‘The first instrument I got was the medicine drum.’ Lillie tells me. ‘I found somebody who could help me make my own. I found my power animal during that process.
‘I dived deeper into a sound healing, going to lots of events. Not only was it relaxing, I was having full out of body experiences. I realized sound is similar in a way to plant medicine.
‘The truth is I’m sharing sound healing because I have suffered a lot from anxiety and stress. Sound healing allows me to have my peace. It elevates my heart.

‘I’ve learned that the more mindful we can be with our body, the more we can access our truth. This is who we are. Come and be alive!’
Inspired by the healing power of plant medicine and sound, Lillie began her own business working with Blue Lily, a sacred flower revered in spiritual practice by the ancient Egyptians.

‘It starts again with a dream.’ Lillie smiles. ‘I asked the universe what to name my sound healing, because I was starting to do more events.
‘I dreamt I was in Egypt doing voice sound in the pyramids, surrounded by flowers. I did some research and discovered Blue Lily.’

Blue Lily is a relaxant, calming the nervous system so that we can experience feelings of bliss, harmony and euphoria. ‘It’s known as dreaming medicine.’ Lillie explains. ‘It relaxes you so much that you go into a dream state.
‘I was very nervous to start my own business, but Dan offered me a lot of guidance and support. We did a market with Blue Lily and Cacao, and sold out of everything. ‘They make a good combination because when you’re in heart vibration, you can have a very deep healing experience.

‘Cacao activates your heart and root chakras. It’s a grounding medicine, connecting us to Mother Earth.’

Whilst cacao roots us deeply to our body and the earth, Blue Lily opens the sacral chakra, activating vibrations of love and sensuality. It also works on the heart and upper chakras, allowing us to be in heart vibration in a deep state of dreaming.
‘It’s the medicine ancient Egyptians used to commune with God. How do you do that?’ Lillie asks. ‘By opening your upper chakras and having your heart open to receive love.’

Cacao, blue lily and sound extend their healing reach beyond the body and mind, to enhance our spiritual well-being too.
‘They helped me open to my feminine essence.’ Lillie says. ‘I find that in today’s society there’s a lot of masculine energy, which can be destructive. The feminine is about finding flow, opening your heart to giving and receiving love. For me, cacao is about giving back.
‘It’s about community, collaboration and connection.’ Lillie elaborates. ‘It inspires me to share and be of service.
‘With ceremony my intention is to lift everyone’s vibration into love. The best way I’ve found for that is cacao and sound healing. When you’re doing a shamanic healing, and going into a trance state, and you need to be in the highest vibration. That’s love.

‘So you use cacao to elevate and lift your vibration into unconditional love. Then you enter the spirit world. You can do it without cacao, but it’s harder. In our society everyone puts their heart into a cage and locks it up. Cacao opens that cage.

‘It’s truly a plant medicine, a medicine of love, openness and clarity.’
‘The medicine drum puts us into a trance state. It’s like listening to our own heartbeat.’ Lillie continues. ’It harmonizes the cells in your body. Believe it or not, it actually reduces inflammation in the body!’
Upon her return from the jungle, Lillie discovered a place where she could create her own medicine drum, discovering her power animal during the process.
‘My power animal is the black panther.’ She tells me. ‘When I draw on the medicine of the panther, I’m able to see my dream and go for it. It inspires me to have confidence and believe in myself.
‘The power animal is so important, it’s a true source of empowerment. In society we’re constantly being conditioned and judged, but having the power animal by your side gives your power back, to do what you want and to be on the right path for you.’

The wisdom we learn from nature is boundless. Such insights have the power to transform our perception, inviting us to embody the qualities that resonate in our being. ‘Animals are all about the body. They have instincts. They know when something is attacking you, run! When nothing is attacking you, calm the fuck down.’ Lillie laughs. ‘It’s all about the body. The more we can be in our body and less in the mind, that’s when we can truly find ourselves. Your true essence is in your heart and how do you unlock that? By being in love.’

‘I believe it’s when we’re in love vibration that we have healing spiritual experiences.’ Lillie says.
‘With our cacao and sound ceremonies we’re quieting the mind as well as bringing in the cacao. It’s holistic care, helping you to elevate into unconditional love.’
The New Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journey takes place every month, a heart-expanding and uplifting experience to shift into a higher frequency.
‘When we journey with cacao and the medicine drum, whatever we see, feel and experience, can be brought back and integrated into our lives.’ Lillie explains. ‘Cacao is so subtle, she is a bridge between the material and physical world.’

So what are the best daily practices to get into the love vibration? ‘Cacao!’ Lillie exclaims.
‘Cacao puts you into the energy of love. Have a daily dose.’

The D.O.S.E as Lillie explains looks like this...
D: Dopamine
O: Oxytocin
S: Serotonin
E: Endorphins

‘You get all that from drinking cacao.’ She explains. ‘Dopamine affects the pleasure centre of your brain, oxytocin is the love hormone, serotonin is a feel-good chemical and endorphins allow for feelings of euphoria.
‘One reason I love Sacred is that we have a delicious ceremonial blend, which I can use for ceremony, but we also have the flavoured blends I can drink everyday and have my daily dose.
‘I recommend having ceremonial cacao once a week or fortnight, only when you really want to connect with Mother Cacao. Do it with intention.’
‘That’s for when you want to go deep and connect with your heart, inner self, spirit.
‘Earth is my favourite flavour because it makes me feel grounded. Even though I’m very spiritual and work in the spirit world, I believe that to have an impact on healing for yourself or others you must be grounded. You must be in your body. The more connected you are in your body, the more energy can flow and heal.
‘When you’re in love, truly in unconditional love, it transcends and transmutes everything.’
Lillie’s rare and beautiful gifts mean she can be the bridge between worlds, integrating her insights and embodying the divine.
‘My medicine is sound, which is all about harmonizing. All I want to do is bring harmony to people and planet earth.
‘When you’re in love, you’re blissful and content. You’re happy but it’s not a high that keeps you seeking more. It’s enough.’
As a facilitator of ceremonies, I ask Lillie for her wisdom when it comes to sitting with Mother Cacao.
‘Activate your ceremonial cacao with intention.’ Lillie advises. ‘Cook her for a long time on a low heat. Sing to her, tell her a story. Enjoy that connection.
‘Set an intention and be open. Allow yourself to be in your heart space.
‘Call on the elements, to the directions, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Call upon the spirit of cacao. The more you allow yourself to connect with unseen forces, the deeper your cacao experience will be.’
After hearing about her journey and the incredible connection Lillie nurtures with her heart and intuition, I only have one question left to ask.
What is sacred?

'The first thing that comes up is love. Connection within myself, which means connection to my heart, my body, to love, to dancing and being in flow.
'Connection to Mother Earth, to feel her, smell the flowers, feel the air, the birds, listening. 'And then connection with humans, forming deep relationships unconditionally with people. To love without expectation, without wanting, needing, or taking.
'Yes, that’s it. Connection within myself, to spirit, Mother Earth and Father Sky. Unconditional love between the humans and animals among me. That’s my sacred.'

Interview by Laura Roberts

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