Sweetheart Special

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Dive into an enchanting world of love with our Valentine's Day Bundle – a symphony of five divine cacao flavours, each indulgent blend is crafted for a taste journey like no other. Embrace the magic of love, wellness, and flavour in every sip.

This bundle contains 5 Flavours of Sacred Wild-Crafted Cacao + Whisk + Spoon + FREE Recipe eBook (worth $29.90).

  • Ceremony: Ceremonial Grade Cacao
  • Earth: Original Cacao
  • Fire: Chili Cacao
  • Love: Rose Cacao
  • Vitality: Matcha Mint Cacao

Ceremony is made with 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Heirloom Criollo Cacao Mass, thoughtfully presented in its natural, chunky solid state, with its essential fats intact. Use Ceremony as part of your spiritual practice to improve wellbeing, enhance intuition and deepen your connection to Self, Spirit & Mother Nature!

How to prepare a ceremonial grade cacao.

Earth, Fire, Love, and Vitality is meticulously crafted in a convenient powder form, thoughtfully infused with the essence of Wild-Crafted Criollo Cacao and a medley of 100% organic, plant-based, whole-food ingredients.

Enjoy this healthy treat as a latte, shake or smoothie!

+ Free Shipping Australia Wide!

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