Featured in Latch: 6 of the Best-Tasting, Easy-to-Make Hot Chocolates

There’s something magical about cosying up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day. The rich, velvety goodness envelops your taste buds, providing comfort and solace. It’s the perfect winter cure.

While there are countless options available, we have done all the hard work to find the best packet of hot chocolate in Australia. Through careful research and (lots) of taste testing, here are the top-notch brands that will elevate your hot chocolate experience to new heights.

Sacred Taste

You won’t find this drinking chocolate on Woolies shelves, rather you’ll have to do some searching for it in specialty shops or order it online, but it’s worth it. Sacred Taste is a wild-crafted organic drinking cacao that’s less about sugar and more about wellness.

Not only is Sacred Taste ethically sourced and free from chemicals, but this cacao also provides more magnesium than any other food, supporting energy production. The flavours include matcha, rose, and chilli cacao.

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