Sacred Taste is a producer of premium, organic, gluten free, refined sugar free, preservative free, vegan Drinking Cacao. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, we hand blend Raw Amazonian Cacao with plant-based whole-food ingredients to create a unique and delicious, healthy Drinking Cacao range.

Based on a foundation of wellness and sustainability, we pride ourselves on delivering the most sustainable, delicious and nutritious Drinking Cacao that takes care of the planet and it's people, nourishing the lives of everyone it touches and protecting Indigenous Lands from where our Cacao comes from.

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In August 2019, we travelled to South America in search of the origins of Cacao. It was our mission to go straight to source and discover exactly where Cacao comes from, how it is made and the impact it has on the local people and environment.

After spending weeks travelling through the high and lowlands of Peru, our journey led us into the centre of the Amazon basin and to the birthplace of Cacao. After a 15 hour bus ride and 6 hour canoe ride, we reached the heart of the Amazon jungle where we met with the oldest Indigenous tribes in South America, the Ashaninka. Here, we learnt about the importance of Cacao, the essence of its spirit and the Ashaninka way of life.


“Kametsa Asaika” which translates to “The Good Life” are eight principles the Ashaninka live by. They relate to culture, food, land security, harmony with nature, peace, sustainability, health, education and living as Ashaninkasanori. Currently under threat by the narcotics trade, terrorism, deforestation and illegal mining, the Ashaninka tribes are begging to commercialise Cacao as a means to preserve their land and protect their way of life. At Sacred, it’s our philosophy to leave the place better than we found it, and leave people better than we found them. We are proud to be supporting the Ashaninka in achieving this mission.


From seed to serve and belly to bin, we’ve ensured that our cacao improves the lives of everyone it touches. We support the Ashaninka tribes in cultivating only the finest, heirloom criollo cacao beans that are ethically sourced and sustainably made to bring you the joy, happiness, peace and harmony that each cup of cacao can provide. It’s our mission to preserve the land and protect the culture from where our cacao comes from whilst helping the western world reconnect to the planet and their purpose through remembering what is Sacred.


Through our efforts, we aim to preserve and protect Indigenous lands in the Amazon Rainforest and seek to bridge the gap between the ancient and modern, the spiritual and the material, the natural and the digital.

We hope you enjoy the delicious benefits of your cup of Sacred, and sip mindfully knowing that each serve is made with love and contributing to the health and wellbeing of the planet.

“Whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao makes its way out of the jungle to open our hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony” - Ancient Mayan Legend.