A Sacred Short Film

Incredible energy is stirring at Sacred, as we celebrate the manifestation of an extraordinary vision. On Easter weekend we held the very first Sacred Festival, which was so beautiful and well received we’re already planning the next. 

We’re also celebrating the arrival of two very talented film-makers who have already taken our breath away with the production of our first short film, and with more in the works needless to say we are EXCITED!

Watch the Sacred short film here.

The depth of our community’s journey and passion for honouring the Earth has made this possible. This is the willingness of hearts to open and receive sacred medicine, to make familiar what was previously unknown by remembering kinship with the living world.

Something is calling us.

Something we can’t ignore.

The story of creation, community and connection is guiding us to gather around the fire once more.

It’s love for ancient lands, lost knowledge and the elders who have not forgotten. It’s how we reconcile our painful past in order to create a sustainable future. 

We are remembering how to honour the Earth as a community again. How to tend the garden of our wild, ancient world. Learning how love sets our spirits free and reignites the light in our souls. Sacred is the feeling of Mother Earth, calling us home.

Thank you to every beautiful soul who came and poured their love into the land. 

Thank you to the traditional custodians and all indigenous people across the world. 

Thank you to Spirit, to the elements, ancestors and sacred medicine of Cacao.

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