Between Two Moons: Temperance

Temperance is the in-between state of all things. This week’s card depicts an angel pouring water between two chalices, representing union between opposites. She stands with one foot on the earth, the other in the water, signifying balance between earthly and ethereal realms.

The key word is between. This oracle signifies balance and harmony, not leaning too far in favour or rejection of any one aspect of the situation. A bright sun shines behind her indicative of the enlightened state that can only be felt once we have released judgement.

Temperance asks us to practice the virtue of patience by planting a foot in each world. Though it is tempting to escape the material, it is here our greatest lessons are learned. She points us towards building a material foundation we feel secure to stand on, through intention and consistency.

When we feel a storm approaching, this card invites us to remember the middle path. To find shelter in the centre of the storm. Peace is possible when we have a safe place - both in and around us - to breathe and rebalance.

Above all, this is a card of balance. It gives equal importance to the material and spiritual dimensions of life, reminding us we are both spirit and matter. When we pour energy into both chalices, we dissolve the tension of opposites, learning to thrive as spiritual beings in a beautiful, chaotic world.

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