Empowering the Ashaninka, Nurturing the Earth

In the heart of the Amazonian jungle lies a community called the Ashaninka, guardians of ancient wisdom and stewards of the rainforest. Sacred's founder, Dan, embarked on a transformative journey to Peru in 2018, encountering the Ashaninka and their teachings on life in the jungle.

The Kametsa Asaike, or 'The Good Life,' guides the Ashaninka in education, land security, and sustainable food cultivation. Cacao, wild-harvested from the Rio Ene, is a vital crop that supports their livelihoods, defends land rights, and preserves their rich culture while regenerating the rainforest.

Yanet Velasco Castillo, an Ashaninka elder and treasurer of CARE, shares aspirations for a secure territory, intercultural health, and education that respects indigenous rights.

“To Sacred Taste, my message as an Ashaninka woman is to express gratitude for personally visiting our communities. For stepping on Ashaninka land to witness our reality."

Sacred stands in solidarity with the Ashaninka, expressing gratitude for their dedication to cacao cultivation and their impactful message.

In 2023, Sacred returned to Peru, witnessing the challenges faced by the Ashaninka during the pandemic and political crisis. Despite hardships, the community formed CARE and Kemito Ene, showcasing resilience and determination. Every cup of Sacred cacao contributes to positive change, supporting initiatives that empower and protect the Ashaninka way of life.

Yanet, a strong advocate for Ashaninka women, emphasizes the importance of education in reshaping gender roles. Her vision includes empowered women leading initiatives and projects, generating income through crafts and businesses. Sacred is committed to fostering this empowerment, recognising the potential for positive change in the community.

Felixto Cabanillas Contreras, president of Kemito Ene, shares the cooperative's commitment to producing eco-friendly cacao that benefits both health and the environment. Despite recent challenges, Felixto remains optimistic, aiming to elevate the cooperative's global recognition.

“The past three years have been difficult for us, but I believe we can start fresh. My dream as president of Kemito Ene is to elevate the cooperative and be recognised nationally for producing the world's best cacao.”

Sacred's mission is to improve lives through cacao, aligning with the guiding principles of Kametsa Asaike. By supporting CARE and Kemito Ene, Sacred aims to create a model for growing and harvesting wild cacao that ensures rainforest protection and regeneration.

With every sip of Sacred cacao, consumers are invited to honor the journey from seed to cup, recognizing the sacred connection between the Ashaninka, the Earth, and the rich history of cacao. Together, we celebrate the Ashaninka's resilience, their dedication to the rainforest, and the transformative power of cacao in nurturing both people and the planet.

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