Lost Paradise Festival

Sacred’s journey to Lost Paradise Festival brought back memories of excitement, with anticipation of the new year pulsing in the air. We couldn’t wait to celebrate in true Sacred style right where the magic first began. Do you know this was where Dan made his first appearance as an ex-trance DJ turned Cacao Connoisseur?! Back in 2018 the team arrived at Lost Paradise Festival with a mission to open hearts by providing the potent combination of cacao medicine and music, creating an uplifting and unforgettable experience. This is how we discovered the heart-opening combination was exactly what people were craving and the Sacred Cacao Bar was born!

Excited by the opportunity to play at a sober space in a festival known for its party atmosphere, Dan envisioned providing a safe haven for partygoers who wanted to have fun and party without the toxic effects of drugs or alcohol. When people asked what he was on, after performing a marathon 18-hour set, his response was simply "Cacao."

Sacred wild-crafted cacao acts as a gentle stimulant, releasing oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins - chemicals that make you feel good whilst boosting brain function! Combined with only 1/10th of the caffeine as coffee, plus theobromine, cacao has the ability to relax the nervous system, oxygenate the blood, and provide energy without undesirable side effects. Dan credits cacao for helping him quit drugs and alcohol, using it as a substitute during three years of sobriety after he left the trance scene.

Now, five years later, Dan and the team return to Lost Paradise, creating a party scene like no other - a place where people can feel safe, at home, in great company, and experience a high they don't have to come down from. Fuelled by cacao, connection and sacred soundscapes we partied for four days straight. The incredible atmosphere and amazing people we met kept the energy flowing! 

We made incredible connections, collaborating with other artists, musicians, acts, healers, and festival-goers to create a safe space. And what a vibrant atmosphere we shared at the Sacred tipi! Our intention is always to make you feel welcome and at home. As they say, home is where the heart is, and we definitely connected to our hearts in that tipi.

During the day, we served cacao as lattes, shakes and smoothies, and at night, we hosted our famous cacao parties. Lost Paradise festival once again demonstrated the beauty and magic of cacao and music, bringing people together as one. One of cacao's many amazing benefits is its ability to enhance our mood and increase feelings of happiness. It's a natural mood booster, lifting the vibes so we can connect on a whole other level! When asked about the secret formula to the success of the cacao bar, Dan responded:

"We all want to feel connected. That's why we go out - to connect with people. But sometimes we may not feel confident enough to connect and we put up walls. That's when we turn to substances like alcohol to remove those walls and give us the confidence to connect. However, there is a price to pay - sloppiness, hangovers, headaches. What I love about cacao is that it raises our vibration and allows us to connect without the walls. It increases our coherence and cognitive function, making us happier, healthier, and more confident in who we are, without the negative side effects. It truly is a holistic high you don't have to come down from!"

This is the magic of ceremonial cacao and the spirit of the Sacred Cacao Bar - to create a safe space where people can raise their vibration, celebrate life, feel connected, and have the best time without the undesirable aftereffects. And at Lost Paradise 2023, we achieved just that!

Did you party with us at Lost Paradise Festival? We'd love to hear about your sacred moments. Follow our journey and find out about upcoming events!

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Enjoy your favourite flavour of wild-crafted cacao at home.

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