Ansarah Barino

‘My work is to tend to the spiritual aspects of healing, so we can have the beautiful planet how it’s supposed to be.’

Meet Ansarah Barino, founder of Ananda Tribe, whose vision for Sacred in Switzerland allowed the tangible magic of expansion across our community. The Ananda Festival took place in the Swiss summer, just as Sacred set off on their worldwide adventure. It was the beginning of a new chapter, a meeting that was simply meant to manifest. 

‘I already felt very connected to cacao medicine.’ Ansarah tells us. ‘It’s very gentle and heart-opening. Yet the way Dan and Lillie did it at the festival was absolutely amazing. I’d never experienced anything like it before.’

Ansarah’s love for cacao ceremony is a beautiful thing to witness. She was deeply moved by her first experience with Sacred; receiving a powerful insight during the sound bath meditation.

‘The whole journey with the acknowledgement of elements really touched me. It’s a beautiful gift to offer people.’ Ansarah says. ‘During the meditation I had a vision of holding ceremony in Switzerland. Afterwards I told Dan what I saw and he responded, ‘Yes! I love it! That’s when it all began.’

Ansarah is the founder of Ananda Tribe, a community for like-minded people to connect, share and develop their spiritual gifts.

‘At Ananda we embody joy, happiness and magical moments.’ Ansarah shares. ‘‘My intention is getting people together, because together we are stronger, braver. Together we have more courage.’

With her vision for bringing Sacred events to Switzerland truly alive, we ask Ansarah how the experience has felt so far.

‘The response has been very positive. People come up afterwards and say ‘Wow, we just feel so… home.’ The energy is always so beautiful and the cacao is so good.’

The medicine of cacao connects us to the heart, activating qualities of nurture and deeply compassionate love. These are gifts of the feminine, a topic Ansarah is deeply passionate about.

‘Feminine energy has been suppressed for so long, now it is time to heal that.’ Ansarah expresses. ‘A big part of my work is to tend to the spiritual aspects of healing, so we can have the beautiful planet how it’s supposed to be.’

The feminine energy that inspires Ansarah is rooted and nourishing, a gift of Mama Cacao. Ansarah loves her daily ritual, smiling as she shares her story.

‘Since I met Dan and Lillie I drink cacao every day. Once a week I drink Ceremony, and in the morning I drink cacao instead of coffee. I love it.’

Ansarah is also a beautiful healer, using crystal technology and sound healing to bring people back to balance. 

‘I have a sound bed, which is like a massage table with strings underneath like a harp. I lay them on the bed, arrange the crystal grid intuitively and play the healing music. After three minutes you’re gone, dissolved. Then the crystals do their work whilst I play the sound and healing frequencies.

‘I believe everything is already here inside us. To me, it’s most important to help people on the way back to their own heart. To their truth. To connect and feel who they are.’

Sacred is committed to creating spaces where people can come, drop their walls and begin to heal. The New Moon Ceremony and Full Moon Party now take place across the world in Switzerland, facilitated by Ansarah and the Ananda Tribe.

‘I love ceremony.’ Ansarah expresses. ‘For me, life is a ceremony. The New Moon Ceremony is about people coming together with the same intention to transcend and transform. We’ve noticed that Swiss people really like to open up and go deep. The Full Moon Party is a community event. People come and bring their children. Children for me are a big part of this community. The parties are a great way to include them.’

‘I’m so grateful for connecting with Sacred.’ Ansarah concludes. ‘I want to send so much love to the community and can’t wait to come to Australia and meet you all!’

We can’t wait either! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us.

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