Meet Sound Alchemist Jamie Patara

A peaceful soul who brings an aura of calm, Jamie is a Sound Alchemist and Breathwork facilitator sharing his medicine at events across Australia. The first thing we want to know about Jamie is how he discovered his gift for sound healing. With a range of unique instruments, like the quartzophone, Native American flute and incredibly beautiful handpan, how did Jamie realise music was his soul calling?

Music was always present in Jamie’s life, playing guitar in bands during his teenage years. Then, during the lockdown in 2020, sound healing revealed itself as something more. A friend and brother introduced Jamie to his array of sound healing instruments and instantly he fell in love. The handpan in particular resonated with Jamie on a profound level. When he got home, he ordered one of his own and so began a new journey!

Excited by the potential of his gifts, Jamie began creating Breathwork and Sound Healing experiences for others. Collaborating with healers of other modalities, such as Spinal Energetics, the magic kept on flowing. When asked how he learned to play the beautiful music accompanying these transformational events, Jamie says he believes it’s a rediscovery of something he’s always known:

“To me, it feels like I've done this before in another lifetime. When I'm playing, I feel like I'm tapping into source energy. I'm the conduit for something higher and bigger than myself.”

Delving deeper in the science of Sound Healing, we ask Jamie what happens in the body when it receives these high frequency transmissions. What’s going on at a cellular level?

Because we are made mostly of water, and water is a fantastic conductor of sound, high frequency vibrations cause the water to vibrate. This is called cymatics, the study of visible sound. If you watch water under particular frequencies, it gets pushed and pulled into incredible geometrical patterns. (You can watch a great example of this over on Jamie’s Instagram page!)

Frequency and vibration is what the universe is made of, so Jamie’s work is immensely powerful. He likens the human body to a symphony, illustrating how all parts must flow together to create coherence and harmony.

“It’s the same with the human body,” he explains. “When there’s a part of us that's out of alignment, or our frequencies are not as they're supposed to be, the whole body can fall out of resonance, into dissonance. The intention with sound healing is to help bring us back into balance.”

So when Jamie ventured out in a whole new direction, how did the world respond? Well, as is often the way when we follow the heart, it opened up and offered opportunities to share his healing medicine with more and more people. With a potent combination of Breathwork and Sound Alchemy, Jamie collaborates with other healers facilitating events across Australia. We want to know, how does it feel to pursue a path totally aligned with his purpose? 

“I just love it,” Jamie expresses. “I love that I get to be of service. I love that I get to help people unlock their own creativity. One of my biggest missions is to help people discover who they really are, and what that means for them and what they're here to do in this lifetime. And being able to do that through the work I do is such a dream come true.”

Sound and music complement so many other modalities, including Cacao of course! It creates a mood, a vibration. Depending on the intention, music can calm, uplift, inspire and heal. In Jamie’s experience, sound can actually be the bridge that allows people to relax, receive, and respond to the energy. Using a range of different instruments, Jamie creates magic by looping and layering frequencies, giving the music so much texture that it takes people on a transformational journey. His loving presence within the practice makes the power of it all the more tangible.

Thank you so much Jamie for inspiring the Sacred community! Be sure to follow his journey and listen to the beautiful music that flows from his heart. 

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