Raphaël Kiepura

'I have a very special connection to the water. To me, it is everything. I go out to the lakes, rivers and waterfalls and I pray to the water.'

For our friend Cyril Raphaël Kiepura, fire is sacred. It is an extension of the power we all possess to transform, transmute and purify. As part of his daily practice, Raphaël builds a fire and purifies water, explaining:

’I feel this is my purpose. Everywhere I go I contribute to purification. Since I was a child, I lived in houses where we built fires. I experienced my first sweat lodge ceremony when I was 15, and I was initiated as Fire Keeper at 21.’

Raphaël’s medicine is a gift for communicating with the elements. His respect for nature creates a sacred container, where the power of the elements is potent. He is a caretaker for the environment, upholding ancient values alongside modern technological advances.

Throughout his travels and living in over fifteen different countries, Raphaël has always found himself in close connection with nature. From building gardens, to nurturing kinship with animals, he finds himself in constant communion with the natural environment.

‘Everywhere I go, I spend much of my time in nature. Even if it’s a rooftop or balcony, I’ll be tending a garden. My relationship with nature began when I was very young. My grandmother was my first yoga teacher at 6 years old, and she showed me how to talk to nature.’

Travelling the world revealed vast variation in the quality of different water sources. Raphaël’s deep connection to water grew to involve more than spending time in its depths, as he began to study the structure of living water and its effect on health. 

‘I’ve been very lucky to drink many different waters.’ Raphaël explains. ‘So today I am able to recognise purified, living water. It will have a higher pitch, it will look different, smell different. I have a very special connection to the water. To me, it is everything. I go out to the lakes, rivers and waterfalls and I pray to the water.’ 

During his studies in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, massage therapy and yoga, Raphaël learned how the body responds to living water. 

‘The impact of living water is amazing.’ Raphaël says. ’It’s the only kind of water that is absorbed by the body in seconds.’

The high vibrational structure of living water improves brain function, signalling to our cells how to operate in harmony. This synergy is what our body knows, and remembers when we move into deeper relationship with nature’s elements.

‘Water is the main element that will influence our lives.’ Raphaël explains. ‘This is the inspiration for the work I do today.’

This passion for the elements guides Raphaël to create innovative solutions to optimise living spaces. Many years ago he met Sacred’s founder Dan whilst travelling in Australia, and they collaborated together on regenerative green projects in the city. 

‘We share a similar vision of the future.’ Raphaël says. ‘We’re working on the same mission, with our different skills.’ 

This reflects the heart of Sacred, through and through. We are a community with a shared vision for a more harmonious world; we build that with our diverse strengths, through respect for land and relationship with all elements of nature. Our purpose is to restore balance through the connection of cacao, which is now inspiring communities across the world in Switzerland led by the Ananda Tribe.

Raphaël shares his vision for the unfolding of future events.

‘With responsibility for the Full Moon Cacao Party in Zurich, it’s about creating sacred space. I prepare for the events with mindfulness about the elements, providing pure water, tribal sounds, fire dancers and grounding smells. We move through the elements, experiencing it all with the senses.’

Raphaël’s vision for creating living spaces is the foundation for his company Lokahi for Life. He offers solutions to optimise environments based on his knowledge and connection to the four elements. 

‘It involves purifying water, grounding with earth, fire for energy and protection from high frequency radiation and pollution in the air. The whole concept is about optimising living spaces to reduce stress on the body, so that the body can receive the most potent energies from the environment.’

Raphaël’s story inspires us to be attentive to the world around us. The elements of nature of everywhere, even within urban landscapes where we can discover green spaces to nestle in and collaborate within our communities to grow food and gather, remembering what is sacred. For us, these are the simplest yet most vital elements of life: connection, the land, nourishing food and gathering together to alleviate the stresses of life to find greater fulfilment. 

Raphaël’s passion for the elements also deepens his connection to cacao medicine.

‘Water and fire are the two elements essential to the preparation of cacao.’ Raphaël shares. ‘When you have the pure living structure of water with the pure intention of fire, Mother Cacao will respond to the highest potential. This is my vision about our relationship to cacao, to awaken the spirit of the medicine to this most potent preparation stage. We use cacao to connect, open our hearts and create transformative spaces.’

The preparation of cacao is a powerful invitation to slow down, to move, sing and create intuitively. How you create your sacred space is beautiful and unique, and this process - as Raphaël shares - allows cacao the space to truly transform us. 

Thank you dear Raphaël for sharing your story, insights and wisdom with the Sacred community. There is so much to be learned from nature, and Raphaël’s spirited communion with the elements inspires us in so many ways!

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