The Moon Mermaid: Meet Aylin

Meet Aylin. Her name means Moon Girl, and with the New Moon approaching in Pisces, what better way to honour the sacred element of water than taking a dive with a real life mermaid?

For Aylin, life flows when her cup is full. Giving to others is where she finds the most joy, and it expands her capacity to enjoy life every day.

“Giving is my purpose.” Aylin expresses. “And to enjoy life. Often women feel like they need to look for a career, or a title, to feel a sense of purpose. But when I give a smile, a cup of cacao, or listen to my friends, it makes me feel so full, and so much love. Selfless giving is sacred to me, and it’s something this world really needs right now.”

Aylin’s passion is shining light in the world, which she does wherever she goes. As a lover of harmony and nurture, her favourite Sacred flavour is Love. This is our choice too, for connecting with the flow. It lets us move to the rhythm of the heart. Bathe in waterfalls of being. Strengthens us, softens us and renews the spirit.

So embrace your feminine essence and prepare a cup of Sacred Love cacao, a delicious and nourishing ritual drink infused with rose petal powder. Create your sacred space, then dive deep into the immersion of love.

Beautiful Aylin shares a message from her heart to inspire your ritual:

“It feels chaotic in the world at the moment, and this could create chaos in yourself. For women this is the case with issues of safety and anxiety. Be loving to yourself. Be gentle. Trust yourself. Remind yourself you’re doing great. Give your inner voice positivity each day. We can be critical and harsh with ourselves. I want to remind you to be as loving towards yourself as you are with your best friend. Be your own best friend.”

From her earliest childhood days, Aylin was enchanted by water, feeling a sense of belonging to the magical depths where she feels most alive and free. As she grew up, so did her love for water, leading her to become an artistic swimmer for eight years. For Aylin, water is a sanctuary, a place where she finds harmony and peace, nurturing her feminine energy and guiding her through life's ebbs and flows.

Connection to the elements extends into truly caring for them. Tending the world around us, because it is home. It is sacred. For beautiful Aylin, water is sacred. Sharing Love Cacao by the waterfall was a totally magical experience.

“When I’m in water it’s a different world.” Aylin expresses. “Water clears everything. It feels so peaceful under there, like meditation. It’s a zen place where all my thoughts are quiet. It makes me feel so much peace, at the same time it’s the place I feel most alive.”

Simple rituals have long been practised as ways to deepen connection between the human and non-human world. Why should it be any other way? All nature is enlivened with spirit. We can feel it, tune into it, become part of its story.

Connect with Aylin
Create your Self-Love Cacao Ceremony with Love.


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