7 Ways to Nourish with Sacred Cacao

Are you feeling the tides of change? Swept up in a current with no idea where it leads? We hope it brings comfort to know the New Moon in Pisces is approaching. If the emotional energy of this water sign is pulling you upstream, take heart. We've made a list of 7 Ways to Nourish with Sacred Cacao, to balance the water element and bring harmony to your body, heart and mind. 

1. Intention Setting

New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, so it's the most potent time to set intentions. What do you want to focus on this month? What are your overarching goals? How can this Pisces energy help you flow where you want to go?

2. Embodied Movement

Let the water element bring fluidity to your movement practice. Dance intuitively, or roll out the yoga mat and just let your body take you on a journey. Sometimes we just need to shake things out! 

3. Root Down Deep

Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the grass. Take ten deep breaths, imagining roots travelling from the soles of your feet, into the earth. Thank Mother Nature for her grounding support. 

4. Make an Offering 

Another way to honour nature is to pour the first sip of your Sacred Cacao into the Earth. This strengthens connection between you and to that which you belong. Notice the beauty of the world around you. Grow mindful in the presence of nature.

5. Write 

Writing in a journal is one of our favourite ways to understand feelings. Sometimes our minds get so full of thoughts, it helps to put them on paper and get them organised. If you're not sure where to start, use one or all of these prompts to start you off:

How am I feeling, in this moment, in my body?
How would I like to feel?
What action can I take today to bring me closer in alignment to this feeling?

6. Nourish your Body 

Head over to our Recipes to find something delicious you can make with your hands. All our recipes are plant-based and full of natural goodness that makes life sweet. You can share your creations with your loved ones too! Be sure to tag us in your stories so we can share your inspiration with our Sacred community.

7. Drink Cacao  

Of course! This is our number one way to ground when seasons are shifting. Sacred Earth Cacao is our original flavour, full of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. You can also bundle up and save with the Nourishing Nature Bundle, perfect for when you want to pause and appreciate the beauty around you.

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