Cacao to Nurture your Feminine Essence

Cacao is the embodiment of feminine energy, so much so that it is sometimes referred to as 'Cacao Deva' or 'Mother Cacao.' As Mother's Day approaches, we decided to put together a list of how and why Cacao nurtures the feminine essence!

1. Cacao connects us to Mother Earth
There's nothing like a cup of Sacred Cacao to ground to the moment and connect to Pachamama. The delicious aroma of chocolate is so earthy, it invites introspection and inspires deep gratitude. Next time you prepare your favourite flavour, why not step outside to feel the earth beneath your feet? 

2. Lifts your mood 
We are always experiencing fluctuations of both the inner and outer world. Cacao helps us centre ourselves and align to our intentions. This potent plant contains chemicals which positively affect brain chemistry. It also stimulates the release of oxytocin and serotonin, happy hormones associated with love! 

3. Plays a role in balancing hormones
Speaking of hormones, did you know Sacred Cacao makes a wonderful coffee substitute? A healthy nervous system is an effective way to regulate hormones, so if you ever feel out of balance, try swapping out stimulants for a cup of love for a while instead! 

4. Inner rhythm
Cacao reminds us of our true nature, which is nature itself! Everything in the natural world moves to a sacred rhythm, waxing and waning, blossoming and turning inwards. Tune into where your energy levels are at, where in your cycle are you, what do you need today to feel loved and nurtured? 

5. Self-care and reflection
Cacao encourages self-reflection, a sacred space to be with the body, mind and heart where we're at. So grab a journal, fill your cup and nurture your feminine essence with the journal prompts below!

  • What is your intention for the day/week/month ahead?
  • What aligned action can you take in honour of your intention?
  • What do you feel most grateful for today?

Read more about the benefits of Sacred Cacao on the journal and head over to our online store to discover your favourite flavour!

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