A Moon for Reflection

The full moon was so bright last night! Did you see it? Feel it?

How was your experience?

This was the last full moon of 2022, illuminating the whole sky and potentially some hidden aspects of the self too. The lunar cycle is a powerful context for understanding our inner world, reflecting our natural tendency to change, fluctuate, evolve and grow. Sometimes at a much faster rate than we planned for!

That's why understanding how to integrate what's happening in our lives with the moon's phases can provide a richer context and inspire a more grounded, loving perspective.

So, what's the story with this Gemini moon? Air signs generate a lot of energy particularly within the mind. They're associated with the realms of thought, words and ideas. Whilst many moons will stir up the emotions, this one is actually a timely opportunity to reflect on the year and put some plans in motion for 2023. Put that extra energy to good use with physical exercise and completing unfinished tasks. Then you can relax into the holiday season stress-free!

With creativity in full flow, we've put together a mindfulness toolkit so you can make the most of this energy. Let us know which ones work for you!

  • Balance Gemini's airy energy with grounding Earth cacao.
  • Reflect on the year. Begin with a gratitude meditation and take stock of your journey over the last 12 months. Looking through photos is a great way to remember where you've been and recognise how far you've come!
  • Set intentions for 2023. Nothing too rigid, a simple list of feelings to ease into.
  • Walk in nature. Stay present with the sights, scents and sensations. 
  • Try a Yin Yoga class to slow down, connect with breath and find balance.

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