Matcha, Mint and Mindfulness

Vitality is Sacred’s freshest flavour, with enlivening mint and matcha to turn the power on!

Did you know that matcha is an incredible source of antioxidants? It is shown to improve cardiovascular health and strengthen our immune system. Similar to cacao, it boosts energy whilst relaxing our body so we can wake up without the afternoon crash!

Mint is also an amazing way to start the day as it enhances cognitive function and improves memory. 

We love Vitality for clarity and inspiration, for generating new ideas and working on creative projects. It provides an uplifting buzz that is absolutely perfect for when we need that extra focus.

Inspired by the element air, which is the invisible force of life, Vitality reminds us to breathe mindfully, letting our creation flow. Awareness of the breath is a subtle practice that has the power to change how we think, react and brings balance to our whole nervous system!

Here are 3 ways to connect with the element air today:

  • Do some breath work. A simple practice of Nadi Shodana can set us up for a day of ease and flow!
  • Feel the breeze as you walk outside. Remind yourself that the very air you breathe is shared with every living being that is and ever was. Now that’s breathtaking!
  • Since air is also associated with Anahata, the heart chakra, try some balancing poses! You could get out the slack line or practice some yoga postures including Tree Pose, Dancer and Eagle.

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Article by Laura Roberts
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