Facing the Wind: The Chariot

Aquarius season is here.

This air sign sparks our innovative creativity and ideas, calling us to find and trust our unique gifts. When the moon darkens, our magic is activated by clearing the channel to Source and surrendering to the tides of change. 

Clarity of thought is a powerful tool. If air is movement then our body is the vehicle. The destination is up to us.

This week’s oracle pull is The Chariot. It’s about facing the wind. It’s the drive and momentum towards our dreams, even when the road gets rocky.

The charioteer does not use force to steer the wagon. He remains in flow, summoning courage and will to reach his destination. 

The star on his crown represents spirit whilst the wheels of the carriage symbolise staying on track. The Chariot’s key message relates back to the idea of our body as a vehicle. If change is in the air, what daily ritual will best allow your energy to flow where it’s meant to?

‘The primary symbol of The Chariot is the vehicle. What will take you from here to there? What will your mode of transformation be?’
Jessica Dore 


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