Sacred Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

The various Lunar phases influence our emotions and wellbeing in different ways.

A Full Moon is the most powerful phase as her total illuminated appearance creates energetic magic. It is the perfect time to construct your dream life.

The Sacred Full Moon Manifestation Ritual will assist you in turning your dreams into a reality!  

How to have a Sacred Full Moon Manifestation Ritual:

  1. Sacred Space:
    Using your Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch, create a space that feels sacred and peaceful for you . 
    Cleanse the area using Palo Santo or Sage, and set up an altar using objects that hold meaning to you. For this ritual we suggest using White Candles as they represent passion, protection, power & manifestation.
    Raise your vibrations by playing  some medicine music in the background. We have a Sacred Sounds playlist called Sacred Medicina.
    Cleanse your mind by burning your incense of choice. Patchouli is perfect for creating & multiplying prosperity & love.
    Prepare your Sacred Cacao to assist with opening your heart & allowing the abundance to flow through your body.
    Using a journal or vision board, allow your dreams to come to life. 
  2. Set the tone:
    Now, with your Cacao raised to your heart, set the tone for your ritual with the following prayer:
    “I am ready, willing, and able to live the life of my dreams.  I co-create with the Universe.  I graciously receive.  I am love.” ~ Meg Sylvester
  3. See it:
    Closing your eyes, take deep breathes and call in what you would like to manifest. Imagine what It is like to have it. What are you doing? Where are you? How do you feel? Allow the images to flow into your mind without judgement. 
  4. Say it:
    Write down an I AM affirmation based on your vision. This statement will allow you to remain positive & focused on what you are manifesting. Affirmations are positive expressions that assist in raising your vibrations and help with quick and powerful manifestation. 
  5. Simple Statement & Plan:
    Balancing out the feminine approach of being receptive & trusting it is important to also have the masculine traits of taking action. It doesn’t need to be lengthy, the shorter & more precise the better. Write down what you want to manifest, why you want to manifest it & by when. Once you have done that, visualise & write down your steps to get there. 
  6. Send off:
    Use one of your Candles & your paper to release your manifestation to the universe. Read what you have written aloud over the flame of the candle. You can repeat it until you are ready to fold the paper & place under the candle. Doing this you are drawing your intention from the paper and releasing it through the flame. 
  7. Say Thanks:
    To give thanks to the universe you can finish the ritual with this prayer:
    ‘Dear Universe, thank you for guiding me on my journey. I am supported and everything is happening at the right time for the right reason. Thank you for showing me the way. 

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha 

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