Cacao and the Sacral Chakra

A warm mug between your hands on a cool autumn morning. The aroma of pure chocolate drifting up to ignite your senses. Watching the steam as it rises from the cup, dancing in the sun’s soft golden rays. A breath. A sigh. A moment to melt into the heart space and feel gratitude for all that you love about life. 

This is sacred.

Moments of reflection and connection to the frequency of love. It is one thing to imagine a world of peace, quite another to embody it. This is the invitation of Mother Cacao.

To trust.

To take a step in honour of the dreams you nurture in your heart. 

To believe in better, and not to let the conditioning of the past wear us down. 

In our latest Sacred Story we talk to Tahlia Pretty, an award-winning personal trainer who facilitates Soul Shine Retreats for women looking for more meaning in their lives. The magic of cacao, alongside empowering embodiment practices such as dance and journaling, brings balance back to our sacral chakra. Swadisthana - the centre of creativity and flow - is also the area where generational trauma gets stored, severing us from our passions and feeling truly alive in our bodies.

“Cacao helps us shift patterns of generational trauma.” Tahlia explains. “Dance is a really big part of how we work with the cacao and getting back into our body. The movement encourages a nurturing aspect, shifting the hustle mentality into a softer, more receptive relationship with ourselves.

"When we feel safe in our body, we feel safe to feel our passion.”

Guilt is a sign of imbalance in the sacral chakra and blocks us from tapping into a healthy expression of pleasure, passion and desire. It is rooted in the constructs and constraints of a culture we are actively revolutionising, for the health of our bodies, minds and our relationship with Mother Earth.

“To release guilt, we have to pause and think, ‘Maybe this guilt isn’t me. Maybe it's a past version of me that I'm here to change.’” Tahlia continues. “If it's a low frequency that doesn't feel good, that's enough of an indicator for us to let it go.”

Whilst the qualities of cacao are inherently feminine, this is energy we all need to feel in order to love ourselves, and ultimately life, in a way which feels deeply fulfilling. A sip of Sacred is so deliciously nourishing that over time it melts away the barriers we build to protect our hearts. It allows us to find strength in vulnerability and respect for ourselves in the process. This gift from nature is a reminder to accept both the honour and humility of being human, and to enjoy ourselves as we reestablish our roles as creators.

“When I met Cacao I fell in love.” Tahlia expresses. “I finally felt I had full permission to indulge. I can let my body enjoy it and not feel guilty at all. That was a massive mental shift.”

Guilt is a weighty emotion that serves no purpose beyond limiting us in the expression and pursuit of our desire for self-realisation. It was instilled into generations before us and though it takes spirited strength to dissolve its imprint, we know it’s possible. Pleasure is a gateway to the tangible experience of love. It is our birthright. It’s how we learn to love each day, embodying gratitude and generosity. Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s how we find home in our bodies, bringing healing to dissociative behaviours and patterns that belong to a past we’re here to change. Cacao is with you, warming your hands and heart and soul, because you’re ready to step into your power.


Written by Laura Roberts
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