Mother Earth: The most sacred of all

At Sacred, so much of what we do is rooted in our reverence for Mother Earth. She is our foundation, holding us in all we do. She is our inspiration, the impetus behind every expansion and transformation. Rekindling this intimacy with nature is the heart of every ceremony, and the backbone of our entire ethos.

Sacred’s founder, Dan Koch, is a revolutionary in many ways. By embodying his love for nature his business decisions are grounded in what’s best for the planet.

“Mother Earth is the most sacred of all.” Dan emphasises. “Without her we simply will not survive. She’s our mother. It’s one thing to mentally try and connect, but when we live in relationship, we’re going to want to protect and preserve what is sacred.”

Deepening our relationship with Mother Earth can take shape in infinite ways because each and every one of us in unique. That’s why at Sacred we celebrate the cycles of nature with The Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party - filled with festivity! And why we gather at The New Moon Ceremony to we go deeper into inner work. We encourage authenticity above all else, celebrating our individuality as much as our belonging to one sacred family.

“Cacao is about rekindling our inner fire.” Laura van Noordenburg tells us in her Sacred Story. “It ignites our desire to be grounded and connected to earth. I will do anything I possibly can to nurture the earth. She provides everything we need. Why go elsewhere?”

Our mission is to uphold the virtue of unconditional love Mother Cacao awakens in our hearts. There are so many levels to what this means, that is really does take a whole community to make what we do possible.

We carry with us gratitude for the land where this medicine grows, under the canopy of the rainforest in Satipo, Peru. We carry respect for the indigenous people who tend the land and harvest this sacred plant, allowing it to journey across the world. We are proud to pour into the cups of our incredible community, and reverent to Mother Earth, whose love and generosity makes our lives rich with wonder.

Thank you for supporting Sacred and the incredible initiatives we donate profits to, including Yarn Australia - a social enterprise creating change and connection through storytelling between First Nations People and all peoples of Mother Earth.

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Written by Laura Roberts

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