Meditation for the Sacred Mother

The ways we can connect to the energy of divine mother are as vast and infinite as the forms she takes. The earth is mother, the moon too; we love our birth mothers, as well as those who show us motherly love when we need it. We might be mothers ourselves, or someday hope to be. Mother might mean goddess Kali, the holy Mary or the manifestation of Shakti energy, expressing as life itself. 

So, where do we begin? First prepare your cup of Sacred Ceremonial Cacao, find a sacred space (perhaps in nature, or bring nature to you by going for a mindful forage) then settle in for a Meditation on the Sacred Mother.

1. Close your eyes 
Turn your attention inwards and focus on the sound of your steady breath. Gently ask, what does the sacred mother mean to you? The answer might surprise you!

2. Sip your Sacred Cacao
Become present to the sensation of the cup in your hands, the aroma, the taste as you slowly sip. Give gratitude for the land, the earth and sky and all in between. You can even offer a drop of your drink to the earth!

3. Make an offering
The divine mother loves an offering from the heart. This offering might be a flower you find on the ground, or perhaps something deeper like a part of yourself you're ready to release. As you make your offering, give love to the Mother, whose qualities include love, nurture, fertility, abundance and grace. 

Stay in the energy of your meditation for as long as feels right. Then give gratitude once more, clear yourself and space with Palo Santo, and have a beautiful day! 

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