Divine Balance: The High Priestess

Every new moon carries with it the energy of a new beginning. In a perfect complement to the warrior archetype Aries, the sign that marked our transition into this lunar cycle, we draw the High Priestess oracle card. 

As in the Tarot, and indeed all aspects of life, the High Priestess has a counterpart. In accordance with divine balance, she stands beside the High Priest (or in Tarot, The Hierophant) keeping a watch over the feminine aspects of life.

This card encourages us to focus on the light in order to stay strong and aligned with our power. She is the voice of authority and guidance from the gods, protected from lower energies and thought forms. She sees into the expansive vision needed to fuel our discipline and devotion to the path we choose (we give up pretty easy unless constantly tapped into our vision!)

Consider the areas of your life in the process of revival. Where have you been calling in more power? What role are you ready to step into that requires you to be more confident than ever before? This is what the High Priestess speaks to. She says YES to rising up, to trusting your intuition, to embodying your inner warrior.

Though this is a powerful energy, with the loving guidance of Mother Cacao, we are always invited to go at our own pace. Don’t rush ahead, especially if your goals are big. Taking small steps every day in the direction of our dreams, returning home to the heart every morning and evening, infuses all we do with intention. This is nature. This is grounded wisdom. This is the way of the divine feminine.

Written by Laura
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