What is a Sacred Cacao Party?

Live music, heart-opening substances and intimate connection with strangers? What do you mean this is an alcohol and drug-free party?! 

The Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party is a safe space where people can dance freely, enjoy meeting friends and making new connections. They take place every month under the full moon, where we gather to honour the land, the medicine, and celebrate LIFE!

For Sacred’s founder Dan Koch, merging his two worlds - music and cacao - is a dream come true. In 2018 Dan travelled to Peru, on a mission to find the origin of cacao which radically changed his life on a three-year detox from the intoxicating world of music. Now, Sacred delivers the medicine people are most craving: connection.

“The path led to putting on parties where we served cacao instead of intoxicants.” Dan explains. “I did a DJ set at Lost Paradise where we served cacao instead of alcohol. People came in intoxicated, then they’d sit, drink cacao and listen to our music. They’d sober up and tell me what an amazing experience they had.”

To call a party sacred may be unconventional, but it’s certainly having a positive impact on how people treat their bodies and relate to nature. Sacred is changing people’s perspective about whether we really need intoxicants to lower inhibitions or find connection, and encourages us to raise our vibration to higher, more loving frequencies. 

“Cacao raises our vibration over the barriers so we have better, deeper conversations and build long-lasting connections.” Dan explains. “This is what we deliver through the Sacred cacao parties - it’s a dream come true for me. I love creating highs, I’m a master of it!

“Ceremony doesn’t have to be serious.” Dan points out. ‘It can be dancing, sharing a beautiful moment, listening to music. I believe that’s the medicine we need in these crazy times, to judge less and remember this whole experience is sacred.”

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