Notes on the Journey

We are so overjoyed by the beautiful words we received after the New Moon Ceremony that we decided to create a space where they could live. We gathered together in celebration of Mother Earth, to experience the inner journey of death and rebirth and nourish our souls through sacred sound healing.

Find out about our upcoming Full Moon and New Moon events here.

Thank you to everybody who journeyed to the depths of love with us and for Mother Cacao who led the way.

‘It was the perfect event for where I am at this stage in my life. There were many moments where Dan and I locked eyes and he said exactly what I needed to hear.  I could have sworn that the whole night was just for me. I’m honored to have shared the space with so many other beautiful humans doing incredible work in the world.’ - Stefan Fillipo

‘The peacefulness of the space held for us was felt from the moment you entered the car park. We were welcomed by beautiful energies of peace and love. We got cleansed and served cacao by our divine feminine sisters. We acknowledged one another as well as Mother Earth. Dan and Lillie facilitated the most life changing experience, enabling a safe space for us all to die and be reborn again. As we laid down in a circle of 25 other people, we became vulnerable expressive souls, there was so much beauty and purity felt in it. As I integrated the vibrations of the healing sounds deep within my body, my soul responded sending shivers down my spine. The energies were coming out uncontrollably. I felt my whole face and body tingle. I was responding to the music. The instruments each had a purpose in bringing up different stored energies in me. At the peak of it all, I fully surrendered to my pain and sadness, I let go and cried tears of relief. I felt comfort from a soul family I have only met a couple of times. I felt the love that we all deserved fill up the room and embrace us all. A powerful energy of purity and oneness. I wish for us all to continue healing together through the power of love. These ceremonies are so much more than an event, they are a celebration of life itself. They show us the light we are all after. Forever grateful to have found this family and to nourish beautiful connections endlessly.’ - Canelle Henin

‘Thank you Sacred for holding all of us through such a nourishing, heart-opening ceremony. Forever grateful for you all.’ - Louise Panetta

‘Thank you for such a beautiful experience. It was so wonderful to experience the soul healing and go on a journey with the tribe.’ - Alissa Baylee

‘What a way to experience my first cacao ceremony!!! The venue was absolutely incredible, it felt like I’d stepped into a beautiful Bali villa. As soon as we started the ceremony you could tell that it was going to be a wild ride, everyone in the room felt extremely connected and everyone was open and held space for others in the room. The sound healing journey was absolutely incredible, the contrast between Dan and Lillie's music and words heightened the experience so much, the flow was unreal between feminine and masculine and finding that balance. I experienced an ego death and feel so safe, held and seen. I was connected to everyone in the room and connected to my higher source, the whole journey every minute was carefully curated and simply amazing. I am incredibly grateful to have shared my first ceremony in such a safe space and look forward to the next.' - Carly Edwards 

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