Sacred Cacao Ceremony: What to Expect

How you show up is how you’re meant to meet with the medicine. She will greet you with unconditional compassion.

The first thing to do when entering a ceremony is to leave all your expectations at the door. That’s right. Return to the blank canvas of your pure being, where your heart and mind are wide open. That said, it’s good to feel grounded.

Eat a light, nourishing meal two hours before the cacao ceremony and spend some time in nature connecting with an intention or question you might like to receive insight on.

Cacao is a vibrational plant medicine, altering the frequency at which we resonate. She opens the gateway to the sacred heart space, where truth and unconditional compassion illuminate our way. Cacao assists us in releasing fear, insecurity and guilt which clears the lower chakras, facilitating a deeply grounding connection to Mother Earth.

You might like to journal in preparation, speak out loud to a friend or in prayer, or take a walk in nature to really tap into truth before the ceremony begins. The real truth is, you are perfectly prepared. How you show up is how you’re meant to meet with the medicine, and she will greet you with unconditional compassion.

Wear comfortable clothing as we sit during ceremony and you will be invited to lay down during the Sacred Sound Healing. 

Cacao ceremonies are safe, nurturing spaces where everybody is encouraged to express anything they need to. Some people’s experiences of Mother Cacao are transformational, others may sit with her several times before they feel a heart-opening. Do not put any pressure on yourself to feel a certain way - this is about total acceptance of where you’re at on your own journey, and loving others for where they’re at too.

When you enter the sacred space, there may be an offering in the centre of the circle where you can place a crystal, flower, note or something else of significant value to you. You can also choose to keep this item with you and work with its energy during the ceremony, such as a rose quartz crystal which facilitates gentle heart opening.

Emotions will undoubtedly surface during the ceremony, as we are gathering together for healing. You will be supported throughout the journey by loving facilitators who can assist you and answer any questions you have before or after the ceremony. 

There will be space after the Cacao and Sound Healing to share our experiences, insights and emotions. This process integrates the healing journey as we listen and share in a sacred space.

We gather together for the healing of Mother Earth, for peaceful minds and healthy bodies. We open our hearts to allow Spirit in, living in alignment with Truth, Love and Harmony.

Our New Moon Ceremony takes place every month with Sound Healing by Dan and Lillie. We hope you'll join us on our next Sacred Journey!

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