Sacred Seeking: The Temple

Today we pulled The Temple, a symbol of sanctuary and devotion to the holy places in our lives. It asks us to consider what we define as sacred and how readily we let that enter our day-to-day perception.

The beautifully illustrated card comes from Kim Krans' Archetype deck. She describes The Temple as 'a universal and omnipresent energy, accessible in the highest and lowest of places.'

We don’t have to travel far in search of sacred sites. They are not always meant to be immense architectural wonders, though we may draw inspiration from such places. I often wander in my mind, letting the holiness of exotic destinations fill my imagination as I write or paint. But we can visit cathedrals of rainforest canopy and ask the trees to be our temples. The ocean is holy and cleansing. A sip of cacao is communion.

As the moon darkens, we are invited to find the sanctuary within. What practices in your life create a felt sense of the sacred? By surrendering the external and turning our attention inward, we can hold a sacred space wherever we are. The body itself is often referred to as a temple, each sensation a subtle invitation to hold in our awareness the interconnectedness we share with all life. When perception allows it, we are free to discover nature and divinity at every turn.

Mystic poet Hafiz writes from a place of timeless devotion to this temple within, when he reflects:

Now is the time for the world to know
That every thought and action is sacred
That this is the time
For you to compute the impossibility
That there is anything
But Grace.
Now is the season to know
That everything you do
Is Sacred.

The invitation of The Temple is tantalising. Honour this time with curiosity, seeking in the places that fill your heart with devotional, unconditional love.

Written by Laura
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