Strengthen Intuition with Love

When we spend time doing what we love, we cultivate a sense of what's important to us. By aligning our choices with our values, it means we don't have to be psychic to make great decisions.

We do however, have to know what we want. That's where intuition comes in.

My yoga teacher once asked me, ‘What’s the difference between intuition and fear?’ Sometimes an anxious thought can generate a gut-clenching sensation, making us feel sure something is wrong. We worry ourselves for no reason. So how do we discern the truth? 

In her book, The Mountain is You, Brianna Wiest recommends that we do not engage with psychic thinking:

“Psychic thinking, or the idea that your feelings are premonitions, that you can “just know” what the future will hold, places you in the passenger’s seat when you need to be behind the wheel. Stop trying to predict what you can’t know, and start putting your energy toward building what you can.”

Far from confusing our thoughts with reality, the sacred medicine of cacao encourages full-bodied living. Moving with the awareness of what is most loving we can close the door on what's not right for us and use intuition to steer us towards what is, even if it's a little 'out there.'

The truth is, intuition is not something that only some of us have. It's about being true to ourselves, choosing what's authentic and listening to our body rather than numbing ourselves to its wisdom. 

Here are some ways we can strength intuition with love:

  • Create a sanctuary where you can ask for clarity and guidance when needed. This could be through journalling, speaking out loud to a source of wisdom you trust, or drawing a card from your favourite deck.
  • Sip Love Cacao to connect with the element of water, associated with the emotions and intuition.
  • Practice Yin Yoga to calm the mind and create space in your body.

The intuitive heart is one which chooses what aligns with core values, speaks from a place of love and is grounded in wisdom. We are refined by the moments we sit in peace with ourselves, and this - above all - is what has the most positive impact on our decisions.

Want to dive deeper? Check out this video by Tim Ferris on decision making.


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Article by Laura Roberts
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