Healing the Magic: Meet Carolina

Witch, tarot reader and reiki healer, Carolina’s energy exudes power and a rare kind of wisdom. Raised in Brazil, Carolina grew up speaking the language of flowers, surrounded by women, unapologetic about their intuitive gifts. Eight years ago Carolina moved to Australia and says ‘it feels like having two hearts, one in Brazil, one in Australia.’ It’s here that she now lives, healing the magic she sees shimmering all around. We love the way Carolina sees the world and can’t wait to share her story with you!

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Carolina. She is wise, and kind, and fascinated by the subtle energies permeating our world. Everything in nature is alive, pulsating with magic, awaiting our attention. Working with this energy came naturally to Carolina when she discovered Reiki four years ago. 

“I always knew about herbs, astrology, all the phases of the moon.” Carolina expresses. “But when I did Reiki for the first time, I realised that was the glue, connecting everything I already knew.”

Carolina’s esoteric knowledge was vast, yet she struggled to understand how any of it connected holistically. Raised by Bruxas (Portuguese for witches!) Carolina understood the workings of nature, how to intuit the meanings of the tarot, yet it wasn't until she discovered Reiki that she felt her true power. 

“Reiki came so easily, so naturally.” She reflects. “I feel like I'm born to do this.”

To walk unapologetically in the direction of dreams is to write a new story. One that challenges convention, occasionally breaks rules, and never lets the precedence of the past determine the future.

The word ‘witch’ is loaded with connotations. Still taboo in many contexts, it takes a brave soul to boldly declare that magic lives in their bones. Carolina knows the truth of who she is, and has her heart set on healing the magic in our world. 

“I want to heal the magic in the world because I think everything is magical.” Carolina tells Sacred. “A lot of things in life we cannot explain, and to me that’s magic.”

One of Carolina’s intuitive gifts is reading the tarot. 

Having grown up with the cards in her life, understanding the meaning of different spreads, signs and symbols comes naturally. Carolina is clear that the tarot is less to do with telling the future, as it is about clarity of the present. It’s about peeling back layers within the situation at hand, to deepen awareness about the energy at play.

“Every time I sit down with the tarot, I become the cards.” Carolina says. “It’s about energy. The decisions we’re making, a way to gain awareness when we’re feeling lost.”

Carolina’s connection to the deck opens her heart to the influence of universal energies. Closely tied with astrology, the cards reflect archetypal forces that expand our imagination past the mundane, to the magic of the stars and beyond.

As a woman with indigenous Brazilian ancestry, Carolina comes from a lineage of powerful bruxas, or witches. She was taught early on that nature is enlivened with spirit, that colours have meaning, and access to cyclical wisdom and healing magic is a woman’s birthright.

“The witches born years ago were women who understood medicine.” Carolina shares. “They knew how to help each other give birth, how to live in connection with their intuition. Being a witch is not a religion, it’s a lifestyle.”

We ask Carolina to share what is sacred to her. She responds:

“My family, my friends and being around people on a meaningful path. My sacred is seeing people grow, and trying to make the world a little better, step by step. I joke that my love language is empowering people, because that's what sets my soul on fire.”

We hope you’re inspired by Carolina’s journey to follow your heart and always be true to who you are!

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And from all of us at Sacred, thank you for being part of our community. Stay tuned in and share your Sacred moments!

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