Luke Marriott

Sitting there in that circle listening to people as they held space for each other, I felt this crazy love and gratitude I’d never experienced before in my life.

Meet Luke Marriott. Film maker, hyperactive, and curious creative thinker. Luke tells us about the wonders of film he discovered at just 10 years of age.

“I got my first digital camera for Christmas one year.” Luke reminises. “I remember I just became obsessed with the idea of capturing moments. When I discovered video, it was the most mesmerising thing.”

Luke’s passion and the energy with which he’s pursued it have lit a creative spark. Together with Grant Wood, he’ll be filming the story of Sacred, documenting our founder Dan Koch’s journey as he takes bold steps forward.

“I love Sacred because it holds the vision of community and connection.” Luke tells me. “It’s about being in the moment, connecting with nature, and having that community connection where we can talk about our experiences and be present. In video there are so many moving parts that touch people in different ways. I think that's one of the biggest tools we have in this day and age to really get messages out to people. That's what I want to be able to do and why I’m so excited to work with Sacred because we’re creating content that has an impact.

Video awakens all the senses.” Luke says, eyes sparkling. “I feel the most engaged when I'm watching a movie that all these passionate people came together to create. I think that's the most beautiful thing. I love films because it's the shared creative vision of hundreds of people. How often do you get to create one thing with a community of 100 people? Filmmaking allows you to collaborate with people who are so talented and in love with their art in a chosen field. It’s getting all these people who are passionate in their own field, coming to life together to create one thing. And that, to me, is just the most insane concept ever. That's why Sacred speaks to me.”

Luke shares where his passion for visual storytelling comes from.

“I love being able to create stories and share people's stories through the platform of filmmaking and photography. I think it's a really powerful way to inspire and create change, particularly in 2022 when everyone's online absorbing content. Moving out of Canberra recently has been one of the most important decisions I've ever made. Being in Melbourne is the most alive, happy and switched on creatively I've ever been. It's because I've met community orientated people who have dreams and they're just gunning for it. I love empowering people and fostering a community of empowerment through visual storytelling.”

Luke reveals the impact the last two years of global events have had on his personal growth.

“I couldn't have prepared for the impact COVID and the bushfires would have on me.” Luke expresses. “I've never been someone who's very anxious, but I got diagnosed with anxiety last year. It was a big shift for me because I’ve always been very confident in my abilities. I began to box myself into this really inauthentic modest persona, because I was hyper aware of what people thought of me. I didn't want to look like somebody who was overly confident.

“I found that I was spending my time in a lot of comfort, time with people who weren't necessarily the most healthy for me. Though I’d never really suffered from it before, the anxiety got really bad by the end of last year. I truly believe that COVID was a trauma event for the whole world, in some way or another. It's impacted us on a deeper level that we might not understand until way later.”

We continue to explore Luke’s experience with anxiety and how, as we often find, the challenges led to where he is now.

“Being stuck at home, I became creatively numbed.” Luke explains, referring to the 2020 lockdowns. “It's those human connections that spark creativity within me and not being able to have those experiences with people really put a damper on my ability to enjoy life. 

“A lot of my purpose comes alive through creation. It's through having that communal kind of engagement with people and the creativity that comes from it. It was really challenging, but also what it meant was figuring out how to be creative in that space. I realised I had to stop focusing on the anxiety. My intuition has always been a guiding force for me. One thing I've discovered is that in one way or another I always end up where I'm supposed to be.”

“I have a constant desire to live the best life I possibly can.” Luke expresses. “Anything that doesn't align with that makes me uncomfortable. That’s literally all I'd been experiencing the past two years.”

Luke describes the feeling of coming home to his heart during his first Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

“We were sharing a bit about ourselves in a circle. It got to me and I just started bawling my eyes out because prior to that, I'd never really felt like I’d found my people. People who I feel a spiritual connection with, where I feel I can share my most vulnerable experiences. Sitting there in that circle listening to people as they held space for each other, I felt this crazy love and gratitude I’d never experienced before in my life.”

Luke delves deeper into why he believes building community is so sacred.

“In our current society, there are so many topics that we consider taboo. There are topics that are too personal to ask about or too personal to share. There's a lot of stigma surrounding certain areas of conversation that a lot of people don't foster the space to be able to talk about it in.

This community is opening the space for people to touch on those subjects. Sharing our stories is how we realise where we are in life, and build self-compassionate understanding for ourselves and the efforts we’re making towards where we want to be.”

Luke’s passion for storytelling was further ignited by working alongside Monique in the Year to Live series.

“I've always wanted to work within the space of community content creation.” Luke shares, excitement alive in his voice. “When I met Mon and she asked me to film the Year to Live series, I was like, this is everything. I came down from Canberra to film the video, where I met all the people in Geelong and it felt like home. So I just made the decision. I decided to move. I had $20 in my bank account, and said I'd make it work. And so here I am.”

Now Luke is filming Sacred’s very own documentary, something we’re so incredibly excited for!

“There was a moment last week where I realised…” Luke pauses. “I am literally living my dream.”

We move on to matters of the heart.

“For me healing starts when we feel safe to express ourselves in a space where we’re not being judged.” Luke expresses. “Those experiences are so beautiful. I want to represent someone who isn't afraid to be vulnerable. For my whole life I've been in a box of not being vulnerable because of what it means to be a man. Since breaking out of that and embracing my emotional vulnerable side, it's led to so many beautiful things. 

“People say life is short. I don't think we really sit with the discomfort of that. That’s why I love the question, ‘If you had a year to live what would you do?’ It sparks ideas in your head about what you're doing right now and what things aren't aligning. Ever since living by that question I'm having experiences and connections that fulfil my purpose as a creative, with people who make me come alive. I think regardless of where we are in life, it's so important not to compare and embrace ourselves where we are at.”

Of course, there’s one more thing we want to know. Luke, what’s your sacred? 

“The most sacred moments in my life are when I felt a deep, profound connection with people.” He answers, pausing for thought.

“When I discovered that I love filmmaking, that was sacred. And gratitude. That’s extremely sacred to me because it's so beautiful to accept the good and the bad in your life and use it to propel you forward. Oh and creating stories.” He adds. “Stories are sacred to me.”

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