What is Cacao?

Revered by the ancient Mayans as “Food of the Gods” Cacao has been considered Sacred for thousands of years. Traditionally used in Sacred Ceremony as a spirit bridge to connect to other realms, today we use it in daily practice to improve health, elevate mood, enhance cognitive function and deepen our connection with ourselves, spirit and Mother Nature.


Chocolate in all of its forms starts at the same source: the Cacao tree. How it is processed determines whether it remains Cacao (pronounced CA-COW) or turned into Cocoa (pronounced CO-CO). 


Fermented raw, Cacao preserves all of its vitamins, minerals and nutrients making it one of nature's greatest superfoods. Heating Cacao over 48 degrees however, changes its molecular structure, damaging the nutrients and making it devoid of all vitality. Turning it from a nutrient dense superfood into the confectionary item we see on the supermarket shelves today.


Categorised in the same stimulant class as Caffeine, Theobromine in Cacao has a noticeably different effect on the body. A nervous system stimulant which produces cortisol "the fear chemical" Caffeine can produce a spike in energy accompanied by feelings of stress and anxiety often followed by a sudden crash. 

The Theobromine in Cacao on the other hand acts as a gentler stimulant providing a smoother, more sustainable energy boost without the anxiety. This feels more like a “holistic high” generating feelings of contentment and euphoria, whilst also relaxing the nervous system giving you a cleaner high without the comedown.


Whether on the streets or in the jungle, there is no denying that cocaine is making an impact on our environment. Causing devastating effects on both the human and planetary body, Coca like most Sacred plants, has been adulterated to produce the addictive and destructive substance commonly known as Cocaine. Considered the most Sacred plant of all, the Coca leaf has been used for thousands of years in traditional ceremonies as medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Now, it is chemically processed into an illicit substance that's causing havoc to the land and the people. This is why we support our Sacred Cacao farmers in the VRAEM (Cocaine Valley), to ensure their lands are protected from illegal cocaine farming in the jungle, whilst also providing drug & alcohol free events in the cities with our Sacred Cacao Bar.

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