Can I Drink Cacao Every Day?

The short answer is YES! Yes you can. 

Cacao is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients that make your body thrive. Our flavours have been formulated so that you can enjoy the best quality cacao in lots of different ways. You can prepare superfood lattes (try adding medicinal mushrooms to the mix as well!) and put cacao in your morning smoothie.

The nootropic benefits of Ceremonial Cacao are astounding but we recommend saving that for special occasions. With respect for the medicine, only prepare Ceremony when you have time to connect in with spirit and your intentions.

Whilst it is safe to drink Ceremonial Cacao every day, only do so with the purest intention. Did you know one cacao tree produces 2 kilos of cacao per year? That’s why we need to be especially mindful of how much and with what attitude we consume! 

That being said, at Sacred we source our cacao from the oldest tribe in the rainforest in the Satipo region of Peru. Our work gives back to the community so they can continue their traditional way of life which includes growing and harvesting the best quality cacao. 

The benefits of drinking cacao every day are that it provides sustainable energy (thanks theobromine!) and our daily D.O.S.E of feel good chemicals. Cacao creates the feeling of love and euphoria in our body, mind and spirit. So sip away!

If that’s not enough, cacao also contains more antioxidants than blueberries and green tea combined! Our founder Dan Koch says, "So many people ask me if I’m in my twenties, I don’t know if they’re joking. I’m 36! I live in a stressful environment, always on the go. For me to get compliments like that, that’s saying something about the health benefits of cacao."

Do you drink cacao everyday? Have you noticed the benefits? For more about where we source our cacao read about The Ashaninka Way of Life.

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Written by Laura Roberts
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