Cara's Story

"Appreciating, acknowledging, and moving through the world with intention,
I think that is so important."

Cara Sanders, also known as 'Owlet Art' creates dreamlike expressions of the Australian landscape that stir the imagination. Her story is one of courage and creativity, the journey of an artist who creates actual magic by trusting intuition and following her curiosity. 

Growing up in Broome, in the northern part of Western Australia, Cara was immersed in a colourful childhood that influenced who she is today. She was always encouraged to pursuit a life full of vibrant wonder. 

“Broome is where red dirt means the turquoise Indian Ocean.” Cara describes. “The colours and environment have translated into who I am and what I paint. I'm really grateful for those early years of encouragement. They helped fuel my fire, to believe I can always follow a life of curiosity.”

Cara’s love and curiosity for landscape has taken her all around Australia, marking the trail with stunning murals along the way. She captures drone footage throughout her travels that deeply influences how she paints. Aerial perspective gives Cara a way of seeing that she finds endlessly intriguing.

“We see life through one lens.” Cara points out. “So when you see it from the air, it's a whole new perspective. And Australia is just so incredible.”

Cacao, as a sacred ritual, has the ability to gently prise open our hearts. It’s a process so harmonious with nature, that it takes slowing down and being present to really feel it. When Cara makes art, she likens the process to sitting in ritual presence with cacao. Both ask for her full attention and bodily awareness. When she softens into a relaxed space, creativity flows more freely. Her favourite Sacred flavour is Matcha Mint, a delicious part of her daily ritual. 

“Matcha Mint helps me focus.” Cara tells us. “And get into a flow state. As a full time artist, daily routines are really important to be able to tap into that flow. Sometimes the hardest part is just starting!"

Flow state is a blissful space where soul gifts flow freely, creating magic in the world. Cara wakes up each day with the intention to create from such a space. That’s what makes her art such a mesmerising visual journey.

“The way I paint is very intuitive.” Cara shares. “I like to give myself the freedom to create from within. Painting keeps me grounded, it's just like meditation. I'm painting every day, meditating for hours a day. That’s really giving me the space to acknowledge where I am and what's around me. Appreciating, acknowledging, and moving through the world with intention, I think that is just so important."


“I want to encourage everyone to create from a place of love because the effect that it has on our mind, body and soul is just incredible. How we're able to use art as a tool to manifest or bring in what we're wanting is really powerful. Just pick up a pencil and draw without putting pressure on yourself. See what happens.”

Absolutely! We wholeheartedly agree. Thank you beautiful Cara for sharing your story with Sacred. Find her artworks at and be sure to give her story some love over on our socials!

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