Experience a night you’ll always remember, as you prepare to journey into the wild jungle. Sacred Cacao are here to take you deeper than ever before, into the wilderness of unconditional LOVE!

The Sacred Cacao Party is where worlds come together. The ancient finds its way into modern life. Matter is infused with spirit. We choose to celebrate Mother Earth, even in the aftermath of natural disaster. 

Three weeks ago unprecedented rainfall caused the banks of Ene River to burst, flooding the villages where our cacao growers live. Deep in the Amazon jungle, these communities have really limited access to supplies at the best of times, let alone in a situation of dire need. Thanks to your incredible contributions and support, we were able to raise $10,000 in the first week to organise emergency relief. A helicopter dropped off the food, clean water, clothes and bedding they needed whilst the flood waters receded. 

Unfortunately all the fields where the Ashaninka grow their crops, which support their livelihood, were destroyed. We’re still waiting to hear precisely how catastrophic the damage is long-term, but we know they’ll need a lot of help when it comes to rebuilding homes, schools and agriculture. 

That’s why the Sacred Cacao Party is back, with a bigger purpose than ever before! This fundraiser night will include a unique experience of tribal and transcendental sound, embracing the full power of nature's elements, and the magic of Wild-Crafted Cacao.

We’ll be serving UNLIMITED cacao at the bar, all included in your ticket + a pack to take home with you! 

Party highlights:

  • An unforgettable night of tribal and transcendental sounds and wild-crafted cacao
  • Jungle-themed, representing the Amazon rainforest, our cacao's origin
  • Enjoy a free 250g Pack of Sacred Taste Cacao and a grazing table throughout the night
  • A drug & alcohol-free event with all proceeds going to the Ashaninka tribe

The heart of what we do has always been the health and happiness of people and the planet. So are you ready to let out your wild side?! Book your tickets here.

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