Rainbow of Renewal: Ixchel

Ixchel is a Mayan goddess associated with the moon, fertility, medicine and the textile arts. She is found in stories weaving the world into being, shapeshifting into a jaguar and assisting women as a midwife on the island of Cozumel. She is depicted as either a young woman (a waxing moon) or a crone (a waning moon) demonstrating her deep relationship with lunar cycles and the renewal of life.

She also appears as ‘chak chel’ or Rainbow Mother who overturns her divine womb so that sacred, life-giving rain falls into the soul. 

Ixchel is a protective presence during times of transition. She instructs us how to combine power with wisdom, to discern what is worthy of devotion and create space for healing and rebirth. She is the oracle of renewal.

New beginnings stem from lessons learned from the past. We evolve by deepening in our trust that what we need will surely flow to us because our creation is aligned with divine love. Power lies in our ability to surrender and move peacefully through the unknown.

Jaguar medicine brings the ability to move in darkness without fear, to see clearly through chaos, to disconnect from negative influences, like Ixchel herself who, according to legend, turned into a jaguar to escape the sun-god Ak Kin. In doing so, she dedicated her life to midwifery - the birthing of new life.

The message of this card from the Earth Warriors Oracle is to seek out honesty and that which is constructive to the life you envision. To connect with Ixchel, visualise rainbow light and say the following prayer:

The rainbow light brings healing, blessing and spiritual grace, according to unconditional divine love. The Divine Mother brings me all that I need with generosity and wisdom. Jaguar medicine honours my soul.

From Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

Written by our Sacred Scribe
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