Magic of Rose

The Rose is a symbol of unrivalled beauty, celebrated in the arts and esteemed for an extensive range of culinary delights and medicinal uses. Rose inspires a mood of love and bliss, soothes the heart and deepens connection to sensuality. There are so many reasons to adore Rose, from its natural ability to heal, to the heady, sweet fragrance that has softened hearts for countless centuries.

Sacred Taste’s Love Cacao is infused with Organic Rose Petal Powder, perfect for self-care rituals and opening the heart for Cacao Ceremony. We also use Love Cacao in some of our delicious plant-based recipes, including Rose Chocolate Tart and Organic Schisandra Fudge!

Here are five reasons to fall in love with Rose Cacao:

  • Rose Cacao is an elixir of radiant health and beauty. Rich in Vitamins A and E, Rose hydrates the skin, reducing fine lines and dark circles. It supports the body’s natural collagen production, the protein responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair.

  • Ayurvedic healers have used Rose for thousands of years to balance emotions and soothe the heart. Rose has cooling health benefits, yet also kindles Agni - our inner flame - so it is ideal for all three doshas! 
  • Studies show that Rose has mood-boosting and stress relieving properties. We can feel the uplifting effects of Rose by inhaling the sweet fragrance, or sipping on Love Cacao. The potent combination of Rose and Sacred Ceremonial Cacao encourages the release of tension, promoting calmness, self-love and tranquility.

  • Rose provides relief from uncomfortable PMS symptoms, by easing cramps and regulating hormones.
  • Did you know Rose is also great for the immune system? It contains high levels of Vitamin C which supports our bodies in fighting off infections, colds and flus. Like Cacao, Rose is also rich in antioxidants, protecting the body from cellular damage.

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Author | Laura Roberts

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