Why is Cacao a Heart Opener?

“In the all-accepting, compassionate embrace of Mother Cacao,
we allow ourselves to truly be seen.”

When we speak of cacao we often reiterate her heart-opening benefits. But what does it really mean? How can this plant from the Amazon actually transform us on an emotional or spiritual level? 

When hearts need healing, they look for comfort. Soft blankets, comfy clothes, a warm cup and somebody to curl up with. What if one cup of cacao could provide all this… and more?

The truth is, cacao invites us love ourselves on a level deeper and more intimate than most of us have ever known. That’s why it’s so powerful. The quality of the time and space we’re creating around cacao allows us to move through our emotions with tenderness; we’re showing ourselves the love we need.

The spirit of Cacao is referred to as Mother, and holds deep association with Mother Earth and Pachamama, all of whom are grounding, nurturing energies. To speak this way about her is to soften our edges in her presence. In the all-accepting, compassionate embrace of Mother Cacao, we allow ourselves to truly be seen. 

What this does is transformational. 

It makes space for the parts of us we’ve previously hidden, called ‘too much’ or simply suppressed. It brings to the surface what we’re ready to release and creates a beautiful, safe container for us to alchemise our heartache. By offering our grief, guilt and shame to Mother Earth, we’re allowing it to serve a purpose. We’re bringing in acceptance and forgiveness which is what truly heals our hearts and allows us to move forward. 

Cacao is a ceremonial plant medicine. When treated as such, she gently guides us to where we need to look, feel and heal. How deep she takes us really depends on us; can we let love lead the way?

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