Dying Before You Die

I was inspired to share this concept after a recent experience I had at the Sacred New Moon Ceremony. These words reflect a large part of the healing journey, highlighting the hard, but beautiful dance of life and death as one.

Many Eastern philosophies and sacred practices develop awareness regarding life and death being of one concept. Taoism is centred around the concept of “life after death” in the forms of cosmic energy. This energy is the driving, binding force that connects all, guiding us through life.

Buddhist teachings have enduring relevance as they are consistently related to death of life, dealing with death is common as one moves through life, in Buddhist teachings, one should begin this journey a long time before death approaches.

In Western society, we find ourselves resisting the natural process of death. With our hands tightly gripped, we move through life with a tendency to control. This tendency is what drives humanity to exhaustion and insanity, a ruminating cycle that circles round, only to end up in the same place. The concept of surrendering to death is consistent; be it the death of a dream, relationships, behaviours, values, and perceptions. It is in constant motion, guiding us to surrender.

When we allow ourselves to go there; to die before we die, we achieve higher states of liberation, freeing ourselves from worldly concerns, whilst still existing in this reality. When you surrender, allowing yourself to die before you die; you release all attachment to physical form, letting go of the identity you have held onto so tightly. You release the need to hold onto ego-driven suffering, thereby allowing you to experience a state of total, undeniable freedom.

My journey so far has guided me to let go, to mourn the passing of old behaviours, beliefs, and stories about who I am and what is truth. I allow myself to go there, as scared as I am – I let part of me die, time and time again.

So that I can truly live.

Thank you to Dan and Lillie for holding such a safe space for me to surrender into the unknown.

Each time I lose sight of the truth you appear
Standing strong, brave, and open.
You welcome me into your arms
Prepared to hold me once more
As I take the brave step of moving into darkness
Into the unknown.

You remind me that it is safe to grieve parts of myself
That I am ready to let go of
Acknowledging that what once kept me safe
Is no longer serving my spirit.

For it is time now -
Time to truly step into the woman I am destined to be in this lifetime.

And you are here
Right alongside me
Watching me shed, watching me evolve -

You stand by my side again and again as part of me dies
Only to welcome the parts of me that are truly alive.

- A Message From My Higher Self.

Written by Louise Panetta
Instagram | www.instagram.com/wheneastmeetswesthealing
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Feature photo by Patrick Bongiorno
Instagram | www.instagram.com/patrick_bongiorno

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