The Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party is a place to gather in celebration of life! We bring together the sacred elements of sound, cacao and community to create unforgettable experiences of connection.

This is our urban ritual. 

 A jungle retreat.

Beneath the canopy at Pachamama the Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party is space where we accept ourselves and each other in total authenticity. Without alcohol, without drugs, we pulse to a primal rhythm. It's a chance to shake off inhibitions with clarity and conscious awareness.

We spoke to our community about how they felt after their first Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party experience, to find out what happens when we party with a clear mind and open heart. 

Shani tells us her story.

"My first ever Sacred Cacao Full Moon celebration was the April Festival in the Ottways when we all camped out and celebrated around a big fire. I thought nothing could beat that experience until the next Full Moon Party at Pachamama!

WOW! It was like partying all night in the best club in town but with no drugs, no alcohol, pure love, joy and a safe space for everyone to let their hair down. We just let our bodies move to the vibration of our frequencies, combined with the amazing music, lights, Blue Lillie and Sacred Cacao. I danced non-stop all night and loved it. Can't wait for the next party!"

Rob gives us his thoughts.

"The whole place was on a different kind of frequency - just on cacao and vibes! I've never cut loose in a sweaty mess for hours on a d-floor in a fully healthy way before and I'm so grateful for it."

All Sacred events are non-for-profit because we believe in parties with a purpose: to unite people and protect the planet. Learn more about our mission.

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