What We Love About Cafe Culture

Arriving in a great cafe - familiar or new - has a certain feeling that we here in Australia simply can’t resist. Is the smell of freshly ground coffee beans? The friendly hum of community and banter from the baristas? Or simply the feeling of knowing that, whether we order a flat white or soy chai, things make sense here. 

It’s a place where smiles are more or less guaranteed; where friendships form and flourish; where we can read, study, work or write; meet friends or be alone; chill out and be inspired.

In a way, a cafe is a home away from home. And that’s why we love them so much.

At Sacred, we are all about community and leaving places better than we found them. We’re mostly on the road, brewing cacao from the back of the van, so discovering great spots - filled with great people - really fills our cup.

That’s why we partner with cafes going above and beyond, creating consistently positive experiences for staff and customers alike, as well as daring to do things differently in service of the planet - the community to which we ALL belong!

This week we went to visit Ginger Monkey Cafe in Torquay who serve up the most delicious vegetarian food and stock all four flavours of Sacred. It feels so good to order a hot chocolate or mocha, knowing that what’s in the cup is raw cacao, refined sugar free and straight from the source.

Our cacao is chocolate in its purest form, grown and harvested in ancient rainforest, delivered with total respect from bean to barista. 

Adding cacao to coffee not only tastes great, but balances the effects of caffeine making us feel focussed for longer. Sweetened with just a touch of evaporated coconut nectar, there’s no worry about overindulging; instead we can enjoy natural sweetness, knowing we’re nourishing our bodies with antioxidants, magnesium and much, much more. 

Find out about the health benefits of cacao and check our stockists to find the closest cafe to you serving Sacred!

If you’re a cafe owner interested in stocking our cacao, you can contact us here.

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