Stoking the Sacred Fire

There are so many reasons to love Sacred Fire Cacao! It's robust, full of flavour and reminds us never to forget the spice. Fire is the flavour of fun, bringing with it the spirit of adventure, of camping out beneath the stars and staying up late around the fire. 

A sprinkling of cinnamon and cayenne pepper give this flavour a fiery kick, making it our go to for stimulating the metabolic fire and strengthening the immune system.

Fire also pairs so well with Ceremony! Have you prepared this potent blend? The rich, creamy texture of Ceremonial Grade Cacao carries the spicy notes perfectly, warming us from the inside out. This is an excellent choice for outdoor ceremonies, especially around a live fire!

Every Sacred flavour represents an element. For us, Fire is about the spirit of adventure. It swallows the fears that hold us back, it seeks to explore the unknown and is the first to say 'Yes!' Fire is the spark of curiosity, venturing across thresholds and transforming everything it touches. Fire is heat, passion, motivation and the impetus for change.

Times to call upon the element of Fire:

  • When you feel stuck in a stagnant situation
  • When you lack motivation or desire
  • When it's time for a new start

We all know too much Fire can be destructive. The wisdom of this flavour's element shows us that in the right dose, Fire is a creative force. It moves things forward, it shows us new and exciting ways to come alive.

3 ways to connect with Fire:

  • Practice Kapalabhati, a yogic breath practice that activates our inner fire and provides a detox for our digestive system, as well as boosting metabolism and motivation! 
  • Watch a sunset (really watch it - no photos!)
  • Prepare Fire Cacao and hold ceremony for yourself, letting go of something that is holding you back and allowing Fire to transform it. If it's safe, you can even write on paper and burn it in a small bowl or outdoor fire pit.

Love Fire? Tell us why in the comments!

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Article by Laura Roberts
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