The Ancient Art of Sound

Sound guides the mind back to the Sacred Om, containing all creation.

Sound vibration is able to clear, shift and upgrade our energy patterns, inviting us to experience the world through our senses. It is a practice that drops us into our body, which is where wisdom is found.

At every Sacred Cacao Ceremony, we use high vibrational music which harmonises the energy of the gathering. Sound is so powerful that it can even create coherence in our cellular rhythm!

Sound is an ancient art because it transcends linear understanding, even bypassing cultural differences and language barriers. In fact, sound is a language all of its own.

Whether it’s a rattle used in Shamanic practice or 528hz, sound provides a gateway to spiritual transcendence.


Because it speaks to our body. Energy shifts occur when we start to move in rhythm to something other than our thoughts; we are liberated by music because it is creation unbound. We belong there, in the mystery of tranquility that stirs us to remember a place beyond distraction.

Sound guides the mind back to the Sacred Om, containing all creation. When we rest there often, we find an inner strength that fortifies us amidst the changes and challenges life can bring. So next time your mind starts to get the better of you, hit play on the speakers and move to the sound of something sacred.

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