Embodying Earth: Virgo Full Moon

Magic is in the air. But then so is a fair amount of chaos and it is Virgo’s energy that’ll help us discern the difference.

In Pisces season we’ve been invited to flow, to feel and move with a deeply felt sense of intuition. Virgo comes with a gentle reminder to be consistent. What are healthy habits you can cultivate to ensure fluidity during this full moon?

Virgo is the sign of practicality and punctuality. It makes lists, puts things in order and always shows up on time. Where can you invite a bit of Virgo energy into your life?

In full Virgo spirit, we’ve made a short list of ideas to ground you during this time of heightened energy, followed by some simple intentions you may wish to repeat over the coming days.

  • Eat a nourishing meal
  • Enjoy five slow rounds of Surya Namaskar
  • Spent time in the garden or out in nature
  • Make a list of goals and small steps you can take towards them over the next two weeks
  • Drink Earth Cacao for gentle grounding

Here are some ideas for intentions. Change the words to suit you!

  • I feel my feet on the sacred earth and I am grateful for my healthy body
  • I am present, aware and engaged
  • When I move in alignment with my natural rhythm, I feel productive and proactive
  • I rest when I need to
  • I am proud of my achievements and feel so excited to create more good in my life 

Enjoy this energy by honouring your body, spending time with Mother Nature and celebrating the physicality of life with good food, friends and embodied practices!


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