The Earth Holds It All

Sacred Earth Cacao is our original flavour. Bold, delicious and served straight up, reminding us to cherish simplicity and always rise rooted. 

Earth is the provider. Against all odds, this planet sustains a perfect balance so that life can flourish. Nestled in the dark beneath the soil, seeds take root and forests are formed. 

The element of Earth is so simple, yet immeasurable. The complexity of systems beneath the ground are mind-blowing, the fascinating interplay of microorganisms constantly challenge what we think we know about nature. But what does this have to do with cacao?

When we sit ceremony the first thing we acknowledge is the land. It is the earth that holds the medicine and enables life to thrive; this connection is sacred, the foundation for all other practices. Earth is the precious home to all beings, a place of abundance, intelligence, sustenance and unrivalled beauty. 

Here are 5 ways to cultivate deeper connection with the element Earth:

  • Served with superfood extracts lucuma and carob, Sacred Earth Cacao is the perfect accompaniment to grounding practices such as yoga and meditation.
  • Practice Square Breathing, a breathing technique that regulates the nervous system and cultivates calm and focus.
  • Walk barefoot with mindfulness, feeling the textures of the ground beneath your feet. Be present with every step, offering gratitude.
  • Watch Fantastic Fungi, an amazing documentary about mycelium and the wonders of Mother Nature!
  • Grow some plants. Whether it's a herb on the kitchen windowsill or a whole veggie garden, the best way to connect with earth is to spend time with our hands in it!

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Article by Laura Roberts
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