Can You Do Cacao Ceremony Alone?

The answer is yes, absolutely! 

Sitting in ritual stillness is a highly recommended practice for inner work - the accompaniment of sacred medicine will likely deepen the experience. Cacao is a gentle nootropic which simultaneously stimulates our awareness and induces a state of relaxation and joy. As long as your Ceremonial Cacao is prepared lovingly, with respect to the spirit of both the medicine and the land, you will undoubtedly enjoy sipping in solitude.

Begin by setting an intention. As with all rituals, it is important to acknowledge to yourself why you are there and why you have chosen to invite Cacao to join you. Some examples of intentions are:

  • I want to connect with my heart’s guidance 
  • I want to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature 
  • My heart is hurting and has asked for gentle nurture and healing 
  • I want to create a deeper state of awareness in my movement practice 
  • I desire inspiration in matters of the heart 

Of course, every intention is unique. Sometimes we sit with cacao for spiritual healing, other times to simply bask in the bliss of reflective silence - and celebration! Intentions change as our relationship with Mother Cacao evolves. 

Creating sacred space is also a wonderful way to deepen the ritual experience. The container within which you sit with Cacao can be as simple as a woven rug beneath a tree, or setting up a circle adorned with crystals, candles and your favourite incense. You may play music or listen to the sounds of nature. It is completely up to you how you set up, as long as you feel safe, have relative privacy and enough time to relax and enjoy your experience.

Group ceremonies bring a tangible energy that can heighten and deepen our personal experience. Sharing sacred moments is enriching - such practices are creating waves of change on a societal level. Cacao is a medicine that works with the heart, which means opening ourselves up to feelings anywhere along the emotional spectrum. Depending on our circumstances, we might prefer to venture into this territory by ourselves. But remember, if you ever need support, reach out and ask for it. You can even message us at Sacred, and we’ll happily guide you where we can!

If you are new to ceremony and would like to learn more, see our previous posts ‘Why is Cacao a Heart Opener?’ and ‘How to Activate Ceremonial Cacao.’

Written by Laura
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