Protecting the Sacred Amazon

At Sacred, we believe Mother Nature is the most Sacred of all, that's why for every pack purchased we protect Indigenous Lands in the Amazon Rainforest from where our cacao comes from. Thanks to your support we are collectively helping the Ashaninka tribes preserve their land and protect their way of life.

From seed to serve and belly to bin, we’ve ensured that our cacao improves the lives of everyone it touches. We support the Ashaninka tribes in cultivating only the finest, heirloom criollo cacao beans that are ethically sourced and sustainably made, to bring you the joy, happiness, peace and benefits that each cup of cacao can serve.

It’s our mission to preserve the land and protect the culture from where our cacao comes from, whilst helping people reconnect to the planet and their purpose through remembering what is Sacred.

Thank you for being a part of our Sacred Journey...