Emily Hazel

When our foundation is ceremonial, with respect and reverence for cycles, we're never behind or too far ahead. We’re always on time. 

Emily Hazel is the founder of FEMPIRE, a business mystery school anchored in ceremony and intuition. Trained in modalities of somatic healing and sexuality, Emily is paving a new paradigm of pleasure-driven productivity that sustainably supports our cyclic nature through courses, private coaching and immersive experiences.

Let’s dive right in with the spirited seeking Emily has done around the world. What kept Emily rooted and grounded whilst exploring the unknown? 

‘Touching on the seeking aspect is perfect because we're always growing, always expanding.’ Emily begins. ‘I feel like the more powerful place to be is within the question, moving within the question marks of life rather than being satisfied with an answer, because that helps our growth. The thread I've returned to over the decade I've been travelling, learning, meditating, exploring my spiritual practice and devotion, and on my spirit seeking journey, is the thread of ceremony. Rooting myself back into a rhythm, aligning with the cycles of life.’

The grounding aspect of cacao is the feeling of sanctuary we find within our body. Cacao reveals the relationship between our nature and that of the earth, guiding us to deeper wisdom. 

‘Earth is my favourite flavour.’ Emily tells us. ‘I go half ceremony, because I love the thick, creamy bitterness of it. Then the other half is Earth and I relate to it like soil. I consume it as if it is an offering straight from the garden, because essentially it is!

Emily has travelled with Sacred to four different continents across our beautiful planet. After a decade on the move, we want to know how she brings the adventure into everyday life.

‘The adventure I'm in right now is deepening my roots to one place. Seeking and finding hidden treasure locations and deepening like never before in my intimate relationship. The adventure of my life is who I get to become when I have a home to expand into, how my business gets to expand and elevate now I have an office to work from, and a sturdy structure and schedule that really calls in Spirit. I'd say the adventure these last 18 months has been depth, which is always the quality I was seeking anyway. It's so beautiful and so fun.’

Emily is an incredible embodiment of feminine energy and carries her medicine with integrity, depth and wildness.

‘My medicine is being the bridge between heaven and earth. I like to get women back into their bodies so they can experience the things they desire. The vision I carry is a whole world of wet, wealthy, wild women. I believe that money in the hands and accounts of women will absolutely change the entire planet and shift us into a place where the feminine principle is anchored for future generations to come. We've spent a really, really long time without the feminine in the boardroom.’

Emily’s energy is uplifting and revitalising, inspiring the notion of just how deeply we can learn to trust our instincts. It’s our true nature to live in love, and a generous offering for anybody to embody because it is not a journey without its challenges. How can cacao support us?

‘I love cacao because of its purity and sacredness.’ Emily replies. ‘If the destination is that place of love, acceptance or any other intention you wish to arrive at, cacao is the vehicle that can transport you from where you are to where you want to be. It's an opportunity every single time to acknowledge - first and foremost - where am I? What's happening inside of me? When I know where I want to go, I step into the vehicle.’

When we choose to go deeper into healing, we meet emotions on a vast spectrum. How does Emily support people in their healing experiences?

‘I've just completed my studies in somatic sexology and I'm a self-pleasure practitioner. I have been working with clients for years on being with the sensations of the body, because when we can feel the sensations we unlock stored energy that's being held in the cells. These guided processes allow you to dissolve all that extra sensory information, dropping from mind, melting into the body. There's no right or wrong way because we've always got our body with us. It's using the tools of breath, sound, movement and touch as a tool of alchemy. Alchemy is transformation that we all have access to.’

Sacred is a community of innovators. I ask Emily to share her vision for her life and for our beautiful planet as we evolve and move forward.

‘My vision is one where I’m in complete devotion, alignment and integrity with all that I wish for. Pleasure is part of planning everything I do. One of the taglines of my work is pleasure with productivity. I’m choosing sovereignty, bringing the feminine into everything I do. By increasing my wealth I expand my ability to circulate toward brands, people and ideas that I see fit this new paradigm, operating outside the lines that society holds as how it’s done. I prioritise unplugging, so that I’m fully charged to serve.’

I am drawn to the language of fire Emily uses through her work. It’s powerful, fiery and invokes a sense of constant rebirth. We explore the element and Emily’s relationship to it. 

‘The qualities of fire are spice, heat, simmering, passion, rage. Those are all qualities of the feminine I absolutely encourage because it’s not only about softness. I think there's a huge imbalance in that because of how we've been conditioned. As a superheated Sagittarius, I can't help but be a flame. It’s how I coach, guide and talk about emotions because I want us to feel the fire in our belly and to use this in our language. I love language because it gives us a clue as to how we relate on a societal level to the body. 

‘I love to burn beliefs and stories that people carry that are simply not true, that they're ready to be severed from. Connecting to that heat means shifting into a place of passion, which is the energy that moves things forward. That's the energy that changes things in society.’

Emily’s fire warms the heart and soul and she carries her passion with poise and grace. I’m delighted to have spent time with her and have one final question to ask.

What’s her sacred?

Emily responds thoughtfully. ‘It's the lightness that I carry and the awareness that there is no separation. Is that cliche? I’m a hippie at heart, just in a boss bitch suit now. Ceremony is the aspect of cacao that I've been drawn to and the real awareness that life is not linear. Life is not a steadily increasing line, like we see on the charts that CEOs use. It’s an interconnected web of different seasons, emotions and experiences, and when the foundation is ceremonial, with respect and reference for cycles, we're always on time. 

‘We're never behind, we’re never too far ahead. I find so much satisfaction in this way of living.’ Emily pauses before finishing. ‘I carry this lightness in my soul. I'm tuning into my own source, to use whatever comes out of me, through me, into the world.’

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