What is the Difference Between Ceremonial Cacao and Cacao Powder?

Anybody sipping on Ceremonial Cacao will recognise its deliciously rich texture as something very sacred. This is because Ceremonial Grade is cacao in its purest form, made from the Criollo bean which now makes up less than 5% of the world’s cacao. This is the plant medicine of the ancient Mayans, often referred to as the ‘Food of the Gods.’ This rare bean has been used in ceremonial practice for thousands of years and it is our mission to protect both the people and place where this sacred medicine originates.

It is only in recent years that cacao has gained popularity as a nutritional superfood. Unfortunately some powdered cacao products are so far removed from the raw, fermented form that their quality is compromised. There are many variables to be considered when choosing cacao. Some products, for example, use hybrid beans which are harvested for mass production. These beans are not only lacking in nutrition, they are part of a supply-and-demand chain that has a terrible social and environmental impact on farmers. 

Always ensure your cacao products are sourced ethically. It is the land and indigenous people who hold the medicine of this sacred plant; it is our responsibility as consumers to uphold and honour that. 

Our cacao is sourced directly from the Ashaninka tribe in the Amazon Rainforest in Satipo, Peru. Our range includes both Ceremonial Grade Cacao and four delicious flavours of powdered cacao which are perfect for everyday use.

Cacao powder is produced when cacao beans are pressed to separate the cacao butter from the solids. Cacao butter is the plant’s purest fat extract which is high in oleic acid known for reducing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and supporting healthy skin, bones and brain function. 55% of the cacao bean’s weight comes from the cacao butter.

Cold-pressing the cacao beans keeps the nutritional value of the powder intact. It is only when cacao is heat-treated that it loses its vitality, as is the case with many processed cacao and cocoa powders. Good quality cacao powder is a nutrient powerhouse of magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and antioxidants. 

Each of the four Sacred flavours provides a daily D.O.S.E of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, as well as nourishing the nervous and immune systems. They can be sipped as a latte, added to smoothies and used as a healthy ingredient in so many recipes. You can enjoy an intentional practice with them, by taking a moment of gratitude, prayer, meditation and reflection. 

Our Ceremonial Grade Cacao is best enjoyed on occasions where you intend to deeply connect with the Spirit of Cacao. Feeling curious? Find out How to Activate Ceremonial Cacao and discover 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cacao.


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