Sacred Gaia Ceremony

This recipe is our Mother’s Day special, featuring Superfeast’s I Am Gaia blend - a beautiful combination of herbs to support women’s health and healing. We recommend preparing this ceremonial cacao slowly and mindfully, infusing each step with love for Mother Nature. 


2 tbsp Sacred Ceremony (adjust dose accordingly)
1/2 tsp Superfeast I Am Gaia
1/4 tsp rose petal powder
Pinch of cardamom powder
1 cup oat milk (we used Minor Figures)


  • Begin by heating the cacao in a pot on a medium-low heat with a dash of filtered water
  • Add I Am Gaia and rose petal powder
  • Whisk to combine, adding a little more water
  • When the cacao has melted, pour in the oat milk and keep stirring (singing optional!)
  • After about 15-30 minutes the cacao will be ready to serve with love
  • Top with cardamom and sweeten with honey to taste 

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